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Black Manhood from a Black Female Perspective

From the "Slave Plantation" to "Planned Parent Hood" it seems Black life has been institutionally targeted for erasure. Yes, yes...I clearly understand Black ancient heritage and history. We all know Black history didn't start in the British Americas' (13 Colonies) 1609. For those of us who are true students of history we know the "MITOCHONDRIAL EVE" is said to have lived 200,000 years ago in what you all call East Africa, but what I and other scholars call "The Land of the Blacks" i.e. Eden, Kemet, Cush, and Ethiopia.

In 2008 the United States Congress apologized for THE INSTITUTION of SLAVERY and the effects of JIM CROW. Now if you're really smart you'd ask yourself why was slavery institutionalized? And what effects did Jim Crow have? My dear readers if slavery was an institution that means it had professors and subjects. It means someone was experimenting and someone was the subject/experiment. The Black Man was the experiment. He was experimented on day and night in the areas of breaking him down mentally, spiritually, physically, and sexually. The institution of slavery was to insure the Black Man would NEVER rule the universe as he once did. The institution of slavery was to insure the Black Woman would consciously and unconsciously view the Black Man as weak and inferior. The institution of slavery was ran by Medical Doctors, Psychologists, Pharmacologists, Racists Ministers, Judges, Lawyers, Congressmen, Senators, and yes...even Presidents. Read the below LINKS of the US Congress apology    
Congress Apologizes for Slavery, Jim Crow : NPR

Senate apologizes for slavery, segregation - politics - Capitol Hill -

"...Even though the US Congress apologized and recognized the systemic effects of the institution of Slavery and Jim Crow there yet remains a refusal to pay Blacks reparations. They could of at least give Blacks free College since they reneged on 40 acres and a Mule!" This is why Rev. Dr. Martin L. King Jr., stated in his I have a Dream speech "America has given the Negro people a bad check!" 

Nevertheless even though the Black Man was humiliated to the highest degrees possible it was the Black Woman who refused to abandon him. She still viewed him as her Lord and King. An unseen power in her ancient blood wouldn't allow her to disrespect her Black Man in the face of extreme degradation. 

We now fast forward to the future and Black Manhood is still being tested. Even though Black Manhood is yet being tested, providence saw fit for the United States of America to be ran by a Black Man (President Barack Obama). Who knew one day the very people that were spat on, degraded, and humiliated would be the same people running the same Government and Country that treated them like aliens i.e. 3/5 Human? 

Without the prayers, support, strength, patience and most of all love of the Black Woman the Black Man would of never rose to greatness in the United States of America. So what is Black Manhood from a Black Female Perspective? Well, a few of my facebook friends defined what Black Manhood means to them:

    Patricia Lampkin-Harris,
    Liberty University 
RESPONSIBILITY, ACCOUNTABILITY, LOVE, LOVE FOR GOD, FAMILY, OBEDIENCE TO GOD, EQUALITY, MATURITY, SECURITY AND COMMITMENT TO HIS MATE... A man that can have healthy relationships with my friends, and family members and understand about crossing boundaries.. Financially supportive.   

    Delia StillStanding Thomas,
   Collins High School (Chicago), 
   Itawamba Community College  
Love for God and himself cause if he does not love himself he cant love me. Respect and ambition.

    Mrsrebecca Lyric Layla'h,
    Lawndale Gardens, Model  
Fear of God in him, Respect for all, Loyalty, Wisdom, Accountability, Honesty, Good Grooming!!! Etc., could go on & on...... 

   Veronica Elle, 
   Calumet High School (Chicago)
   SIU Carondale
What makes a man a good man is exercising his morals that were taught to him at childhood. Providing for his family and truly being the head. A woman will put her trust in a man if he proves that he can protect and provide for her, if he proves that he's strong in mind as well as body. A good man is secure and content w/ himself. He has a purpose driven focus. There are so many aspects to a good, wonderful, superb man. Speaking from a woman's point of view, there's a specific feeling we get when we're entertained by a good man. A bad man on the other hand has no values, no morals. He cares for no one but himself and he has no love in his heart. A bad man is a bitter man. A dead beat will splurge and have unorganized priorities. He'll worship material things before he takes care of his child and/or responsibilities. As a man, I feel they should take pride in not only creating children, but being apart of their life and assisting w/ their up bringing. It grinds my gears when I hear men say they have to babysit their own children. News flash sir, the kids came from you, so therefore you are not babysitting. You are spending time w/ your children. I also had the pleasure of having a very interesting conversation w/ a gentlemen. He spoke as though he should be applauded for taking care and spoiling the woman in his life. Granted the nice things he does should be acknowledged, but at the same time I feel that's something that should be done anyway. If you love and appreciate your mate, there's nothing wrong w/ showing them.....

If you look closely you see just about all of the above women mentioned "LOVE FOR GOD" and "FINANCIALLY STABLE/SECURITY". Of course they said other powerful things as well, but the number one thing Black Women want in a Black Man is "LOVE FOR GOD!" WoW! How amazing is that!?! I guess its because if a man loves GOD then he'll seek to follow GOD'S word relative to faithfulness, being a good provider, being a good father (married, single, divorced) and being a good man in general. Veronica Elle also stressed the importance of a man being supportive of his pregnant girlfriend or wife. When speaking of men being supportive of women while they're pregnant Veronica Elle said "Granted it wont make the contractions easier when you're in labor, only a massage, cold towels and an epidural can do that. But him being there and reassuring you mos def helps". 

Well, there you have it that Black Men know how Black Women view Black Manhood what are we gonna do? Will we (not all of us) continue to fall short, or will we arise to the occasion and save the Black Woman as she once saved us? 

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