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Is The New 2012 Chicago City Sticker RACIST?

Is The New 2012 Chicago City Sticker RACIST in the sense of showcasing Whites as superior then other 
Races, Nationalities, and Cultures? 

After Susana Mendoza under pressure by retired and current law enforcement officers forced her into dropping Herbie Pulgar's "WINNING" City Sticker which was claimed to represent certain Chicago street gangs (click below LINK)
Controversial Chicago City Parking Sticker Design Dumped; Clerk Susana Mendoza Goes With Runner-Up

Susana Mendoza has decided to go with the runner up's design for Chicago 2012 City Sticker. The problem with Caitlin Henehan's design is it doesn't truly represent ALL of Chicago! Her design has 3 Caucasians' as superheros when in fact Chicago has more Black and Brown residents then White. I wonder should Caitlin Henehan's City Sticker design be dumped as a misrepresentation of the RACIAL MAKEUP of CHICAGO?

The NEW Chicago 2012 City Sticker
By: Caitlin Hehehan 

"Where is the EQUAL representation of Blacks, 
Hispanics, Asians, Arabs, etc., 
in the New 2012 Chicago City Sticker!?!" 

Its unfair that 15 year old Herbie Pulgar will be viewed for the rest of his life as someone who tried to promote GANGS on Chicago's City Sticker! Will little Herbie be able to emotionally and mentally handle how the City of Chicago, Law Enforcement, and the Media BLASTED and portrayed him as a troubled youth promoting GANGS? I smell a LAW SUIT for character assassination as well as pain and suffering! After this savage media blitz on a 15 year old kid I'm pretty sure Herbie Pulgar's life will NEVER BE THE SAME! 

"We took him high and dropped him low!" 


Herbie Pulgar and his FAMILY 
Smear Campaign by Chicago Cops and 
Detective Shaved Long Cock
Please Click Below LINK:

Guess we cant use the American Sign Language Finger spelling system any more huh? Don't wanna give the AMERICAN SIGN LANGUAGE hand shape of "I LOVE YOU" and be shot by Rival Gangs /or/ Cops for representing the Almighty Latin Kings...? 

Click Photo Above (which is the American Sign Language
Finger spelling system). I'm pretty sure we can find several relations to GANG symbols. 

Above Photo is: The American Sign Language hand shape for "I Love You"
its also the hand symbol of the Almighty Latin Kings
(so be careful when and where you decide to signal "I Love You" with your hands!)