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Is Secy of St. Jesse White trying to have St. Sen. Annazette Collins IMPRISONED?

Secretary of State Jesse White once a supporter of IL State Senator Annazette Collins has now regretted he ever supported the State Senator. According to various reports, Secretary Jesse White called Senator Collins corrupt and even compared her too Rod Blagojevich (a convicted ex Governor of Illinois on his way to the slammer). Its also alleged the Secretary has asked for Senator Collins resignation.

Lets look a bit deeper into the consequences of someone like Jesse White a sitting Secretary of State calling another politician corrupt. Was Secretary White speaking to a larger audience? Did Secretary White strategically aim for his thoughts of Senator Collins to go viral, thus reaching the radar of US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald seeing that Mr. Fitzgerald has successfully taken down former IL Governor George Ryan, former IL Governor Rod Blagojevich while sideshow investigating and taking down the National Leader of the Almighty Latin Kings Nation? 

The second Secretary Jesse White "supposedly" called Senator Collins corrupt is the second he indirectly asked law enforcement to investigate her. Its also important to note Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White is backing IL State Senator Annazette Collins (opponent) Patrica Van Pelt Watkins.

Even if Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White was to apologize to IL State Senator Annazette Collins, the damage has already been done. She's already on the radar of the US Attorney's Office and the FBI just as Cook County Commissioner William Beavers. 
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If the good ole Secretary was speaking out of emotion and wasn't indirectly drawing law enforcement's attention to Senator Collins then I think he should apologize. 

Its one thing to campaign, its another thing to say things that could possibly cause someone to be imprisoned!