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Should Bishop Eddie Long RENOUNCE his Kingship?

Bishop Eddie Long has backed down and renounced his Kingship conferred upon him by international Bible scholar Rabbi Ralph Messer. The Anti-Defamation League stated "We were appalled by the video of Bishop Long in a fake Jewish Ritual... Their is no Jewish ritual that bears any resemblance to what went on at the church...!" 

My question is who and what gives the ADL the rights to condemn any spiritual ritual performed on American soil? If I wanted to I could perform a spiritual ritual of conferring Kings and Queens, needless to say such a ritual wouldn't be honored by the United States because Constitutionally it wouldn't be respected; however, it would be tolerated under rights to RELIGIOUS FREEDOM and the EXERCISE THEREOF.

We fail to understand the "so called" European Jews have no direct ancient biology ANCESTRY to the land they call the "State of Israel" nor any piece of land in the Middle East which has been proven a genealogical and scientific fact. The only Europeans ever in the Middle East in (ancient times) were Romans and Greeks! Which basically means we have a Race claiming to be Jewish with no ties to being Jewish but by belief and conversion to Judaism.

The "State of Israel" was formed in 1948 by Europeans with no direct ancient biological ancestry to the Hebrews, Jews, or Tribe of Israel. The current Jews White/European are natives of Poland, Russia, and Germany who were CONVERTED to Judaism.
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I think Bishop Eddie Long shouldn't of renounced and/or denounced his Kingship! He should of probably apologized for offending those who claim to be Jews, but said "The ceremony I participated in I do not renounce and/or denounce. I fully except and receive my Kingship!" Remember, Jesus is King of Kings which means even Jesus acknowledges there are other Kings in the Earthly and Spiritually realms (Revelation 19:16).

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