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NICKI MINAJ: Did She Go to Far at the 54th Grammy Awards?

There's no doubt about it Nikki Minaj is a talented performer and artist; however, did her performance at the 54th Grammy Awards go to far? Was it disrespectful to the Catholic Church and its millions of members around the World? What's the message Nikki was trying to convey? Or was she initiating us all into her eccentric artistry?

I'm pretty sure she may receive a few honorary degrees from various "Mystery Schools" for her performance, nevertheless it was distasteful and disrespectful...a mixture of defamation, allegory, and sexual rituals upon the altar which is viewed by most Christians' as sacred. An abomination to the Catholic Church and religion as a whole rather one believes in Catholicism or not!

Hopefully Nikki Minaj isn't visited by the Jesuits and Knights of Malta for her blatant disrespect and ignorance. Some people and groups take their religious beliefs and rituals serious and will KILL you over them just to make a statement!