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Tyler Perry (Supports) Pastor Corey Brooks: Publicity Stunt?

Tyler Perry has stepped up relative to taking a Chicago Pastor off the roof top of an abandoned motel on Chicago's South Side. The motel was once taken over by pimps and thugs. Drugs was being sold out of the motel for years.

Pastor Corey Brooks decided (with the help of other ministers) to close the motel. Pastor Brooks then set forth too buy the motel and the property it sits on. The bill was $450,000 Pastor Brooks then sprung into action by fasting and praying on top of the motel roof for 21 days, which turned into more days..... Through the cold and rain Pastor Brooks remained faithful to his vision. 

Pastor Brooks along w/ various Chicago artists, community leaders, and ministers raised a great deal of the money; however, more was needed. Tyler Perry "world renown for his plays and movies" has now stepped up to add $98,000 which is more then enough relative to the remaining funds that was needed to buy the property and bring Pastor Brooks off the roof top. 

Some are wondering was Tyler's gesture politically motivated as it relates to his movie GOOD DEEDS which comes out today, the same day Mr. Perry announced his GOOD DEED to aide and assist Pastor Brooks? What do you think, do you think Tyler Perry is using Pastor Brooks as a conduit for publicity for his up coming movie? Is Tyler doing this GOOD DEED to ensure GOOD DEED has a record breaking 1st night?   

I personally think no matter what day Tyler Perry picked to sow his GOOD DEED I'm pretty sure the members of New Beginnings Church and all involved in helping Pastor Corey Brooks reach his goal are excited and fired up!