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What Are Some Signs Your RELATIONSHIP May Be Nearing The END?

What are the SIGNS your relationship may be nearing the end? Guess I'll let a few of my facebook buddies share their thoughts.....

Tamisha Love No sex!

  • Beatriz Perez No sex!

  • Shaneka Capricornitis Sims He not answering the phone because he called 
    and you didn't answer cuz you were at your weekly 
    bootcamp class at 745am #petty

  • Terrell FuturePhd Author Taylor Effective communication stops!

  • Rasheaka JohnsonProctor You cant stand the sight of them.

  • Kenyonda Prince Distance. When u cant stand to be around that person.

  • Lanz C.Cossom constant arguing, always outta sight of your partner, 
    involved in situations that doesn't include your partner.

  • DionneMotivationalspeaker Latham When on the outside of you - 
    you want to be pleased by another.....
    fact of the matter is there are many signs 
    but will they be acknowledged or 
    swept under the rug only to come up again?

  • Michael Nwoke N-Issilent isn't mind sex the best sex?

    Please click the names :) Thank You.....