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Why Black Men (Refuse) to attend Church?

The Black Church has always been an historic institution in the Black community since the 1700's of British America's 13 colonies and beyond. In the late 1800's as well as early & middle 1900's Black clergy was on the forefront of fighting thwarts racism, slavery, segregation and Jim Crow-ism. Sure, Black folks have always been religious since our ancient days in Kemet, Cush, and Ethiopia, but in America we developed a strong conversion to Christianity. 

This isn't to say Blacks in America are monolithic relative to our religious persuasions, but rather to say most Blacks in America are Christian and/or have roots in the Black Church. Personally I take my call to ministry and spiritual ordination by the late great Bishop Dr. A.C. Richards seriously even when and if I'm not fully living up to what a Minister should be as defined by Apostolic Doctrine of which I have a supreme respect for (Acts 2:38-42) but not limited too.

However I take my ministerial degree as universal status within all religious circles. I believe once one has been initiated into spirituality it doesn't matter which branch of spirituality they were initiated in - such a one is part of the fabric of belief in a Supreme Being known to some as: Yahweh, Jehovah, Allah, Krishna, Amen Ra, Great Architect of the Universe, etc..., please understand I don't condone the mixing of the above names such as Jahbulon; however, I do condone every one's right to the FREEDOM of RELIGION which keeps us from pseudo holy acts of Sectarian Violence.

Most Black Men refuse to attend Church because of the various reasons listed below: 

(1) Street Gang affiliations that teach against Church and the God of Christianity.

(2) Fear of losing their Manhood i.e. emasculated by male pastors and treated as inferior.

(3) They view pastors as poverty pimps.

(4) Don't see a spiritual need to connect w/ Church.

(5) Don't wanna pay 10% of their earnings to any religious institution. 

(6) Lazy and refuse to get up on Sunday morning to attend Church. 

(7) Would rather stay home, sit on the couch, eat popcorn, fart and watch sports all day. 

Its hilarious how most Black Men refuse to attend Church yet when they want a good wife they go to the Black Church looking! Its also sad how most Black Churches are frequently talked down by most (not all) Black Men yet there are many Black Churches that freely allow Black families to use their facilities for funerals. There are many Black Churches that feed the hungry and visit those who are locked up in prison. 

I fully understand a Black Man that is of a different religion besides Christianity, but if you aren't part of any religious body then why are you refusing to attend Church!?! I also understand there are a plethora of pastors that aren't educationally /or/ creatively capable of reaching and teaching some of our well educated, initiated, and paid brothers out here, yet instill that isn't an excuse to totally DISRESPECT by non-participation an institution that has given our Race so much pride, dignity, royalty, excellence and hope! 

Get your Black...? LoL! Get your Black behind in a Church ASAP! 
If you have any questions on finding a good Black Church please feel free to contact me: