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Could Larry Hoover, Jeff Fort, Willie Johnson STOP Chicago Violence?

March 17-18, 2012 there were at least 9 dead and over 38 wounded in Chicago! Blood, puss, cerebellum and brains fill the streets of Chicago's (West Side and South Side). Parents fear their child(ren) will be next? No jobs, no hope! High unemployment! WHO CAN SAVE US, better yet, WHO DARE SAVE US!?! 
President Obama once said "poor people cling to their guns and religion!" Yep, you're dead on mister president. As church folks pray to GOD for answers, thugs are committing senseless acts of violence! We're clinging to GOD (building million dollar churches) as our children are clinging to life (crossfire, innocent bystanders). 
Should the Government allow Larry Hoover, Jeff Fort and/or Willie "Rico" Johnson to send a message via YouTube and Facebook to the streets, would such an action at least change the negative paradigm of the streets? 
The streets is a force and force must be regulated, but who among the giants in Chicago dare regulate the forcefully streets? Will Rev. Jesse L. Jackson Sr step forward will Minister Louis Farrakhan step forward? Who will help us end this senseless sectarian violence?

We need a real SAVIOUR'S DAY! 

Aliyah Shell
"6 Years Old"