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A Cry For PEACE In Chicago


The demons of violence and the forces of peace are at war in Chicago... innocent children are dying. Blood sacrifice of our future is being offered on the altar of senseless violence. 

In the midst of such chaos Rev. Dr. Leon Finney, Ald. Leslie Hairston, Ald. Willie Cochran and others are putting their lives on the line to cease the fire in Woodlawn and throughout Chicago as a whole. 

They clearly understand violence prevention is more then simply marching; nevertheless, marching, protesting and rallying sends a clear message to residents. 

A message of hope, a message of love, a message of peace and stability. Will you help? Will you view and share this video w/ your family and friends? 

Tha Movement University sends its deepest respects to the above names. It is our prayer GOD continues to strengthen them in these trying times. TMU stands willing and ready to assist anyway we possibly can...