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Men (RAPED) In Cook County Jail

Is it Constitutional to deprive inmates of sex? Of course we all know those that are married can have conjugal visits, but why wont the United States Prison complex allow male and female inmates to have sex with one another? Of course I'm not saying allow inmates to impregnate other inmates; however, in my personal view the propensity for sex is just the same for food. 

If inmates aren't deprived of food then why are they deprived of sex!?! Many men are raped in prison, some never receive counseling after they leave prison. Most men that are raped in jail/prison have a tendency to live on the down low. Some have confessed to raping younger members of their families. 

Of course the video above is quite funny, nevertheless, rape isn't funny! HIV and AIDS isn't funny! Something must be done about this hideous abuse. This is torture (NOT) punishment! Its an inhuman condition in just about every prison throughout the United States of America!

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