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(The Kendall Moore Show ) Churches and the role they Play

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What do you think about the role Pastors and Churches play? Personally I can say not too many Churches are dealing with real deal issues relative to the lives of their member's! Member's are out of work, selling sex, begging, borrowing, and stealing to get by, yet these same member's go to Church and give their last few dollars to build temples for the glory of some man and his legacy! The hood needs jobs, not some 100 million dollar edifice!

Why is it poor people can raise enough money to construct million dollar Churches but not use that same money to buy a few franchises (NAPA Auto Parts, Sub-Way, McDonald's, etc) for members to work in? There are many franchise businesses that only cost 20K to start. Why not buy a bunch of 20K franchise businesses and employ ex-offenders!?! CLICK BELOW LINK:
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The raw truth is 'they' really don't give a rat's ass about ex-offenders and/or the poor people who pack their churches every Sunday! If 'they' cared their priorities would show they cared! Most of these pastors don't live no where near their Churches which proves they'd rather preach to you how to live holy in the ghetto, but not live in the ghetto themselves! You catch the bus to work, they don't work. You catch the bus to Church, they pull up in a Bentley...all thanks to you!

This takes me too Project Hood and Pastor Corey Brooks and his duplicity in not telling us up front there was another phase to his operation! Brother, we had no clue you needed 16 million dollars for phase two, you somehow left that piece out. And then to raise over 450K through random donations is another thing that raises eyebrows. Its interesting Pastor Brooks didn't except any money from the City or State...wonder why? Is it because they would of required some type of accountability? Doubt it not! But now this brother has over 450K and no accountability relative to anything!  Just another game played on poor people and as President Barack Obama once said "Poor people cling to their guns and religion!"

I give props to pastors who care, but they are few! 

Please click below LINK:
Churches and the roll they play ( Volume 2) - YouTube