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Message To: Rev. Jesse Jackson & Min. Louis Farrakhan

This is a plea to Reverend Jesse L. Jackson Sr., and Minister Louis Farrakhan. Brothers in the streets are dying across the United States of America and especially here in Chicago. We need your help. We need your leadership. We need your guidance. 

No matter how others view Minister Louis Farrakhan and Reverend Jesse L. Jackson Sr., we in Black America view you both as our last standing King of Kings. Please help the young warriors in the prison industrial complex. Please help the young warriors in the streets. 

We need your voices. We're asking you both to teach us, but to also feed us! Jesus asked Peter do you love me? Peter said yes! Jesus said feed my sheep (John 21:15-17) which means as a leader Peter's duty was to lead and feed the flock. As leaders of Black America and within the Black Diaspora we in Chicago covet the help and guidance of our two last standing Kings! 

We propose you both operate a "School of Leadership" for those outside the Nation Of Islam and the Rainbow Push Coalition. We're asking to be taught how to affect change on a grassroots level. We're not seeking religious dogma and/or the contrary, we seek leadership skills. 

We seek leadership classes held at Mosque Maryam and the Rainbow Push Coalition. Classes in leadership. Classes in how to accept the mantle and torch from our Elders. Classes in how too redirect the energy of rebels without a cause. Classes on gang violence prevention. HELP US ASAP! 


"....the blood of the youth is 
on the heads of the Leaders!"

Minister Jim Allen