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The Spirit of Sagging Pants

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Its 80 degrees outside and I'm on the train coming from work. On the train with me are various people some White, Yellow, Black and Brown. The train makes a stop and a couple of teens enter the train with their pants sagging so low their dollar store plaid boxers are visibly seen. I'm thinking, geesh...why my color and my kind have to dress like this in public!?!

The teens were sagging so bad a guy who looked to be an out of towner just kept staring. I mean this guy was shocked by what he saw. He then took his cell phone out of his pocket and took pictures of them. I don't know if he texted the pictures to family and friends for sport or if the young men booties.., LOL or should I say behinds turned him on?

Many say sagging is a fashion trend among young people who think its sexy to wear their pants below their butts. They say it sends women messages of a sexual nature; however, the boys in prison think otherwise. The boys in prison view sagging as an open invitation for homosexual activities. I think its deeper then all of the above yet a mixture of all of the above.

When you really look deep at it sagging is prevalent among young people who live in poverty conditions. Of course that's not to say people in middle class America and upper America do not sag their pants, but it is to say you'll find most saggers come from low income families.

As the social scientist I am this means poverty is the root cause of sagging - sagging is a form of rebellion towards the government and society as a whole. Sagging represents poverty culture and when rappers sag their pants at concerts and sell records about poverty culture they become filthy rich. In my personal view sagging is for those who are depressed...they feel crucified on a daily basis.

A person who purposely sags his/her pants feels as if there's no hope in the world - the world is cold so why not sag my pants and tell the world to kiss my a**? In a sense they feel the weight of the world on their shoulders. No jobs. No education. No hope... only thing left to do is sell drugs, sag and swag! The average sagger either has a cross tatted on his/her body and or wears a cross around his/her neck. Its an unconscious way to relate to a man who was prophesied to be "a man of sorrow, acquainted with grief" Isaiah 53:3

Saggers feel despised and rejected by the world, by their families, by their loved ones. They feel there's nothing left but to expose themselves. Its the inward portraying the outward.

One of the young teens I saw didn't have a shirt on, I'm guessing he took it off? However, this child was shirtless, had long braids, and looked helpless. His underwear was showing and his pants were beneath his buttock. As I looked at him I saw a vision of Jesus on the Cross, no shirt, and his underwear showing.

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Although Jesus was embarrassed to the highest degree relative to Jewish customs and decency he yet endured the cross and despised the shame (Hebrews 12:2) which means although you may feel the same pain, anguish, and oppression Jesus felt you must rise from your dead state and become resurrected into a better consciousness. I understand sagging may be a fashion trend, but at least pull your pants up to a degree. Its NOT cool for little girls to see your penis print simply because you wanna show the world you don't give a ____!

Written By: The Minister