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Brave Witness Gunned Down -- Where's The Outrage?

Mark Allen,
Veteran Activist, Organizer, 
Blogger, Business Extraordinaire
(No relations to Jim Allen)

Article transferred from Mark Allen's facebook page:

WITNESS GUNNED DOWN was the headline in the Sun-Times April 17 telling the story about a 25-year-old woman on the West Side who was gunned down in a hail of 20 bullets on April 15 in the Lawndale neighborhood. I am asking: Where is all of the sustained and righteous indignation and outrage from the community and black leaders about this horrific killing? This woman received one bullet for almost every year that she was on this planet. And suffered 19 more bullet wounds than Trayvon Martin.

Kimberly Harris was a government witness for a case last summer in which she survived a shooting, but her boyfriend was not so lucky and died of his wounds.

This innocent young lady’s death is barely getting any public outcry. Demarius Bridges, 23, was charged with that shooting last year and is still awaiting trial. At Bridges’ bond hearing, prosecutor Martin Moore said, “Ms. Harris survived the attack and is in grave fear of her life if the defendant is released.”

Well, the brave Harris was doing her civic duty and identified Bridges. I now wonder if she was offered witness protection but refused? And why is this brutal killing not being talked about on the news nationwide? Is it because it appears to be another black-on-black crime, so who cares?

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