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Does Queen Sister (Knows) Who Tried To Burn Down St. Sabina Church?

Does Queen "Saucer Hat" Sister knows who tried to burn down St. Sabina Church? Queen Dirt-bag is known for her racist remarks thwarts Father Michael Pfleger. She and her network of thugs i.e. Mark Carter and Paul McKinley has their hands in Chicago's underground...using their voices and messages of violent protests to target pastors and politicians. Their tentacles of hate has influenced thugs to verbally and physically attack righteous people! They are directly and indirectly responsible!

Click Above Photo: Queen Sister misleading youth 
to march on Alderman Carrie Austin's Ward Office!

Queen Sister can be found on YouTube, Facebook, and CANTV spreading her messages of hate to masses of ignorant, unemployed youth on Chicago's South Side looking to blame anyone for their misfortune. She also operates a bogus organization called "It Takes a Village" by which she utilizes to deceive at-risk youth into thinking shes fighting for them to receive jobs when in fact she uses them to march, rally and protest for her stupid causes and personal endeavors of becoming an Alderman the very same political position she claims is holding her people down!

I'm pretty sure Queen Sister, Mark Carter, Paul McKinley and their network of thugs know damn well who tried to burn down St. Sabina Church!!! Tha Movement University STANDS strong with the FAITH COMMUNITY OF ST. SABINA and Father Michael Pfleger!

Please Click Above Photo!!!

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