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Tha Movement University SUPPORTS The Professional Rabble Rousers

Tha Movement University is in FULL support of The Professional Rabble Rousers and their mission thwarts violence in Chi-town and abroad as they bring awareness to activist changing the system on their terms...

The SD2R Project is designed to combat violence using creativity in inner-city communities of Chicago from June - August 2012. Our mission is to unite artists, activists, and residents in one space to share resources and speak out against violence using the original and extended elements of Hip Hop. 

The goal is for other Cities facing the same issues to adopt the SD2R model and use creativity as one way of ceasing and healing the pain of violence plaguing our neighborhoods. This will be done through Pop Up Hot Spots scheduled to appear once per week from 6 - 8pm in the Lawndale, Englewood, Austin, Humboldt Park and South Shore neighborhoods. The project will be documented through visual art, music and video production.

Please Click their LINK below:
SPECIFIC DETAILS OF SD2R PROJECT | theprofessionalrabblerouser