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The TRUTH About Violence in Black Chicago: Y'all Gone Make Me Lose My Mind!

The gods i.e. the Talented Tenth were so busy using their special powers and talents to make sure they separated themselves from poor Blacks to the degree ignorance, poverty and lack of vision caused poor Blacks to create sub-cultures of their own; however, sub-cultures that led to the makings of a killing machine.

Not only were men such as David Barksdale, Jeff Fort, Larry Hoover, Willie Johnson, Bobby, Gore, etc., stigmatized by mainstream society relative to the brunt of legalized Jim Crow, but they also felt the pains of being ostracized by elite members of their own Race i.e. Black Americans.

Of course no one cares if a number of well educated Blacks form groups and societies the problem comes in when members of such groups claim to publicly represent Black suffering when in reality they privately represent themselves and their group/society. These men were outcast on White campuses so they created groups and societies to outcast poor Blacks that weren't and/or aren't as fortunate as them. This mentality continues to this very day. So while "The White Man" via Government allocate grants and funding for poor Black communities its the educated politician "Black Man" who misuses the funds for his personal endeavors and for the members and children of their group/high elite society.

The Black elite is quick to say "You're my color, but not my kind!" 

The Black elite are the one's making sure poor Blacks on the South Side of Chicago don't walk their worthless asses into Hyde Park. They can give a rat's ass about Black on Black crime! They refer to poor Blacks as "those people". Yet we VOTE for them time after time. We attend the Churches they pastor. We give to their bogus hood projects. Simply because we have no clue of their diabolical scheme of keeping us in poverty. Its a deep hidden secret among them. They use their talent to deceive the masses, and yes even White folks are deceived by them because White folks see a Black in charge but fail to understand what type of Black is in charge!

The only time the Black elite comes to the hood is when they teach poor Black children (Chicago Public Schools). Or to run their bogus non-profits, to pastor, or when taking a shortcut to reach downtown Chicago. Black teachers in Chicago Public Schools talk down to poor Black children...why? Because they view them as filth! Deep down inside they know this little Black child hasn't got a snowballs chance in hell but because they i.e. Black teachers claim to be about service and children they stick it out! Hell, they know the education they're giving poor Black children is garbage yet they still fail to raise test scores! (IMPORTANT NOTE: NOT ALL BLACK TEACHERS).

When I was selling crack cocaine on the corners of Chicago, me and other young men like me saw many Blacks pass us in their fancy cars headed to downtown Chicago to work. Not once did they stop and ask our names, what school we attended,.. not once did they encourage us to look forward to a better future. They drove passed us with blinders on, shaking their heads, and not giving a damn about what they saw.

So now when I see them and their elite children marching, protesting, and rallying I think to myself "Is this real or fake?" "Is this the same game or do they really care?" How can I follow a pastor marching against violence when s/he doesn't live in my community? I'm good enough to be preached at, but I'm not good enough to live around! My tithes and offering are good enough to be received, but there's no real interest in me as a person struggling to live through hell on Earth while hearing a message about heaven in the good ole by and bye....

What we have in Chicago are the nightmares of dreams deferred. Oppression and suppression on all sides. Disenfranchisement and segregation by those who claim to represent us. When we start building economic apparatuses instead of multi-million dollar churches then the hood will improve, but even then I'm not really sure. As a commander in this struggle against senseless violence in Chicago I sincerely think we're losing the battle and those that could help turn things around really don't care because it's not their children or their neighborhoods that resemble 3rd World Countries!

When bullets start flying through Hyde Park, Gold Coast, and pass Trump Tower is when the Black elite are going to actually utilize their resources, talents and special powers to better the hood. Until then things are only going to get WORSE! You can't expect ignorant people to change their ways! You can't expect someone who doesn't understand reasoning not to pick up a gun and shoot someone! You can't expect poor people not to sell drugs and prostitute unless you provide them an alternative to their habits! But hey, why care..? As Barack Obama once said "Poor people cling to their guns and religion!"

In others words poor people are prone to violence, thus Black on Black crime in Chicago should simply be excepted as poor people clinging to GOD to save them, meanwhile their children die in the streets. Chicago violence is out of control! Its a civil war! More murders in Chi-town then in Iraq! Will you be next? Hopefully not! Will your sons and daughters be next..? As a Black person have you really wrapped your mind around the the dead body count of poor Black children? Of course you haven't. There must be a sacrifice to your god so the blood of poor, worthless, Black babies doesn't mean nothing to you! So why should "The White Man" save you when your own i.e. Black elite wont!?!    

"...The war against violence in Chicago is lost! All we can do is attempt to create, develop, and implement strategies of Peace and safe havens for those ages 21 and younger! The generation over 21 years of age is lost in recidivism, senseless violence... Unless a strong mental, economical, and spiritual revival sweeps Chicago the Black community is doomed by 2020!"