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Chicago EX-Gang Leaders ASK to Meet w/ Mayor Rahm Emanuel

I've spoken to a few people who once was and some still are affiliated with gangs in Chicago. The pulse of the streets is simple: its a recovering economy and people are desperate - desperation makes people in poor communities stoop to extreme lows. Crime in Chi-town is up 53% under the leadership of Supt. McCarthy and Mayor Emanuel. The two have created an initiative called Strong BLOCKS/Safe Communities Wrap Around Strategy, which can be viewed by clicking the below LINK courtesy of Mr. John Presta
Mayor Emanuel announces a wrap-around strategy to fight gangs, guns, and drugs - Chicago CIty Hall |

Don't get it twisted, I along w/ Tha Movement University supported Rahm Emanuel before his residency trial. We supported him day one, we met him and his staff. We setup a meeting with him at Shriners Hospital for Children-Chicago because as then and now we trust in his leadership abilities; however, his latest gang violence prevention initiative is vague and indirect. It sort of resembles the same debacle used by former Mayor Richard M. Daley. Please click below LINK:
Mayor Daley Says 40 Churches Will Serve 1,000 Young People This Year In "Safe Haven, Safe Summer" Program | Chicago Press Release Services

Former Mayor Richard M. Daley unknowingly waisted millions of dollars in his "Safe Haven, Safe Summer Program" which provided Chicago pastors' millions of dollars to create, develop and implement summer programs for at-risk youth. Needlessly to say they failed! Programs weren't created with local residents in mind, to the contrary, programs were created to give a false sense of hope as pastors' and their buddies misappropriated funds! Sure, they sponsored a trip or two, but that's about it! Sure they fed the shorties a few hot dogs, but that's about it! The remainder of the money went to staff i.e. family members and church staff.

Mayor Emanuel has to wake up and realize most pastors' in Chicago have no clue how to create social programs, nor do they really give a damn about at-risk youth! Most pastors' who pastor in Chicago don't live in Chicago which means they are removed from the ills of Chicago violence. We're dealing with "secret societies" Mr. Mayor, we're dealing with upper crust Blacks who don't give a rats ass about violence in the ghetto, yet you keep thinking they do!

The only pastors' in my personal view that really care is Pastor Dwight Gunn, Pastor John Hannah, Pastor Michael Pfleger, and Pastor Leon Finney...these other guys out here can care less! They preach funerals of young Blacks, go home and eat a cheeseburger. LOOK! Do you see any year round initiatives going on in their churches relative to gang violence prevention!?! Do you see them having meetings w/ gang leaders to broker peace? HELL NO! Because they don't care to do those things! They live in the burbs, shop in the burbs, and pay taxes in the burbs!

This isn't gang violence! Its morph into sectarian violence - violence in Chicago must be approached the same way violence amongst the Israelis and Palatines is approached. Why? Because hoods in Chicago resemble 3rd World countries. Hoods in Chicago have been purposely rejected since the Race Riot of 1919!
Chicago Race Riot of 1919 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"...Since the West Side of Chicago burned down in 1968 it remains 
vacant and disenfranchised!"

Locking up Black and Brown gangsters wont suppress crime in Chicago. At-risk Blacks and Browns in Chicago feel disenfranchised and blackballed by mainstream Chicago. So as law enforcement continue to lock up gang chiefs today...tomorrow a new: Inca, Regent, Corona, Governor, Prince, King, Don, General, Elite and Minister will rise to power.

...So how do we approach sectarian violence? Well, 1st we must admit involved parties exist. 2nd we must recognize their strongholds. 3rd we must never fear negotiations. I remember then Senator Barack Obama stated he was willing to meet with America's enemies without pre-conditions, which means law enforcement must be willing to meet with ex and current gang leaders in Chicago without pre-conditions. Click below LINK:
RealClearPolitics - Articles - Obama Needs a History Lesson

The facts remain, there are Chicago Police officers and even United States soldiers that are affiliated with the Gangster Disciples, Vice Lords, Black P Stones, Latin Kings, Black Disciples, etc... Please click below LINKS:
Ex-Chicago cop pleads guilty to working for Latin Kings - Chicago Sun-Times

The End Of `Pacman's' Dirty Game - Chicago Tribune

Please Click Photo:

I'm not suggesting law enforcement acquiesce to gangs, no! I'm suggesting Mayor Emanuel look at the whole picture from beginning to end of why gangs exist in Chicago? Who are the street players? Who are the prison players? Who can be brought to the table to influence PEACE in various strongholds? Its evident the pastors' CANT do it. I don't knock the pastors', its just that they're out of their league and profession relative to hardcore gang violence prevention! So is the Chicago Crime Commission out of its league in publishing so called "gang books" that do more inspiring then preventing gang interest.

Give me 40 million dollars and I'm willing to bet my soul violence in Chicago would drop by 70% because just as Reagan and the CIA allowed cocaine to flow in America's urban ghettos by way of Miami to fund the Contras, so will I use 40 million dollars to negotiate PEACE among gangs in Chi-town...means justify the ends. Click below LINK:
CIA and Contras cocaine trafficking in the US - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy and Mayor Rahm Emanuel must be willing to meet with street gang leaders without trickery and/or pre-conditions. Click below LINKS:

'Gang leaders' going public after police warning |

Gang Leaders Want Jobs | NBC Chicago
Also, I've begged Rev. Jesse L. Jackson Sr., and Minister Louis Farrakhan to address Black genocide in Chicago, no word from them as of yet. Its funny how our Black international leaders can make public statements about Muammar Gaddafi, but remain silent on Black-On-Black murder in their hometown! Click below LINKS:
Farrakhan talks about gaddafi death and calls nato terrorist 2011 - YouTube

Farrakhan warns, advises Obama on Libya - YouTube

So since the Black elite in Chicago don't care about at-risk youth and gang violence then whats the purpose of meeting with them!?! Since pastors' lack true knowledge of creating, developing and implementing at-risk youth/young adult violence prevention programs then why continue to fund them!?! 

"You want the streets? 
Then meet with the players in the streets!"