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Chicago: New Black Leadership (pt.1)

What we currently see as leadership is nothing more then elaborate words targeted towards uneducated masses or those who haven't educated themselves to a sufficient degree. Women love the sight of a man in a suit and with some level of authority therefore they flock to church on Sunday mornings; however, the Black community has enough spiritual leadership we now need secular leadership relative to financial power.

But what is financial power? Its been said Black women spend 7.5 Billion on beauty products...please click below LINK:
Black Women Love Makeup, But Does The Beauty Industry Love Them Back?

Which means there's money being spent and money being made the problem is we're spending but not making. Its also a known fact Koreans here in America are the beneficiaries of Black women spending millions on hair weave. So where is Black leadership as it relates to creating a niche for Blacks to benefit on products they sometimes double and triply support in comparisons to their racial counterparts?

That's just one example of failed leadership. In general Black leadership is on the decline mainly because the Baby Boomer generation refuses to step aside and allow Generation X to step up to the plate. When will Rev. Jesse Jackson and Min. Louis Farrakhan retire? When will some of our SENIOR congressmen groom someone for their positions? When will our churches actually develop new leadership?

As of right now there's no institution and/or organization ran by Blacks with a focus on purely uplifting at-risk Black neighborhoods and communities economically! No not one! We have enough social, educational, and recreational programs...and of course knowledge is power but what is power if there's no conduit for it to run through or energize?

We build [big box churches] which isn't a bad thing, however, why cant we build smaller churches and invest our money in franchises? Black leadership in Chicago isn't really concerned with uplifting poor Black communities because they don't live in them. What we have is the Black elite taking advantage of poor Blacks making false promises and preaching to them of a placed called heaven as their constituents continue to live in hell while the politicians and preachers enjoy a slice of heaven on earth.

Now if any so called leader be it: religious, social, educational, and/or political claim to lead you but lacks a strategy to feed you then why should you follow such a person!?! Real leaders such as Jesus provided physical, spiritual and financial leadership to their followers! Jesus didn't preach to his disciples/followers and leave them hungry!

How many church folks you know go to church but don't have adequate foods for their children? How many church folks you know don't have money after paying their tithes and a few major bills? How many church folks you know are on welfare? How many church folks you know don't have a car and sometimes don't have money to ride the bus to church? Yet these silly, fickle minded pastors wanna build multimillion dollar facilities to their name and glory on the backs on poor folks! They're just like King Solomon (1 Kings 12:4) in his misguided days! Yes, King Solomon built a temple/church but at what mental, physical, spiritual and psychological expense? Not to mention his temple was later destroyed!  

So as we poor folks continue to put our last dollars in the offering plate fully knowing we wont have any money for bills and food for the middle of the week we still have blind hope things will change. The questions remain, do the pastors even care? Like when was the last time they actually met with their members and at least gave a concerned ear to their 3rd world like poverty stories? The politicians continue to run game, and we continue to vote for them.

.../But there's a shifting going on. People are refusing to follow celebrities! People are following those who are creating, developing, and implementing strategies of economic development. Its no more about fancy words, stained glass ceilings, its about providing financial opportunities!