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Jobs For Chicago's Hoods..? YES!

Tha Movement University has teamed up with AVON the World's largest direct seller of beauty products with almost $9 BILLION in annual sales. The deal was forged after Tha Movement University was challenged to create, develop, and implement jobs for those in at-risk neighborhoods and communities.

Tha Movement University was asked would youth/young adults be willing to represent AVON? We answered with a resounding YES! Our philosophy relative to selling AVON products is simple...if one can stand on the corner in the rain, snow, and heat selling crack cocaine then why not signup to sell a legal product that wont land one in prison and/or murdered by rival drug dealers!?!

"...In my former life as a hustlers i.e. drug dealer (of which I'm not ashamed to admit because its a matter of public record) I witnessed drug areas bring in 20K a night. So its my personal view if one can hustle crack cocaine that same person can hustle AVON!" - Jim Allen

In the drug game you crawl before you walk...just like in any business! The difference is AVON brings in $9 BILLION a year, why not have your piece of the pie? If you're a true hustler you can hustle anything, so hustling AVON shouldn't be a problem. Think about it, you don't have to run from the police, you don't have to worry about standing on the corner, you don't have to worry about being shot at, you don't have to worry about going to prison!

Join AVON and its $9 Billion sales force! 
Gotta get mine, you gotta get your's!
Lets BALL SO HARD together!

AVON, Fortune 500 Company! Click Below LINK:
FORTUNE 500 2011: Company Comparison

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AVON Representative JIM ALLEN serving the Chicago, IL area