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Letter To The Pastors'

Dear Pastors',

We're in extreme poverty out here. We're suffering at alarming rates. We come to church every Sunday dressed in our best, but deep down within we are really hurting. We know Jesus is coming soon one day too save us, but right now we feel abandoned.

We thank you dear Pastor for all your sermons, for your prayers, and for you inspiring us. We thank you for your vision of building a 20,000 seat church with screens that let down from the ceiling, stained glass from Italy, Persian carpet, plush seats, heated floors in the restrooms, air conditioning throughout the building, WiFi throughout the building, acoustic glass windows to keep our harmonious voices within the sanctuary.

However, your vision comes with the price of our blood, sweat, tears, and money. We're pouring millions of dollars into your vision of which you have convinced us is our vision, nevertheless, regardless of who's vision it is we feel alienated. We work, pay our taxes and pay our tithes. Actually, the government TAKE our taxes, we voluntarily pay our tithes. We fully understand we live in two separate governments Secular and Religious be that as it may, our faith is in you Pastor and your leadership.

Some of us take your words, deeds and actions literally. Some of us have very little education so we depend on you to school us. Some of us never took a theology course so we depend on you to spiritually feed us. Some of us grew up without our father's so we depend on you to physically lead us. It was you who felt the call of God to be a Pastor, guess you didn't know pastoring is more then mere preaching and shouting on Sunday's and bible class throughout the week?

The Black church has always been one of the strongest institutions in the Black community, but somewhere something went wrong. Pastors' start competing relative to who can build the biggest facility? Who has the best choir? And of course, who has the most members. While church politics was taking place, members children were and are dying in the streets.

We have members in our church that are 3rd and 4th generations in poverty, yet been faithful church goers for decades. Do you care about that Pastor? Do you care to know some of your members are having sex with various men (some church men) to keep their bills paid? Do you care to know single mothers in your church go to bed hungry as their children eat ice cubes for dinner, do you care to know that!?!

As you vacation in Martha's Vineyard, as you roll around in your new Bentley you and your Pastor buddies have...the Bentley Crew, as you brag about how much last week's tithes and offerings was, as you swing your golf club out on the green think about the sacrifices of the people. Think about the people trusting you as their leader. Think about the fact you haven't built financial apparatuses for your members. Think about the facts under your leadership the vast majority of your members are in chronic and systemic poverty.

As we honor you on "Pastor Appreciation Day" look into our eyes. I mean really look into our eyes...remove the now faith sermons you preached, remove the name-it-and-claim jargon you gave us... look into our eyes, you'll see we are broken (spiritually and financially). You'll see darkness and gloom you've never seen in your life.

Look at the young boys in our church, one day they're going to be men. What male program is in place for them besides the brothers meeting at Friday's to eat and drink? What about financial literacy? What about showing 10 year old boys how to balance a check book? What about taking young men downtown to Ariel Capital Management? What about taking them to the Chicago Board of Exchange? 

What about instead of building a 14 million dollar facility, we build it for half the price and invest the other 7 million in franchises? McDonald's, Dollar Stores, MAACO Collision Repair and Painting Shops, Subway, GNC, NAPA Auto Parts, ACE Hardware, Meineke, etc., at least we'd know our children have jobs to look forward too. Click below LINK: (some of these businesses I named only require 15K - 20K Liquid Capital)
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But because you teach us to solely depend on God and not man we take that to mean don't share our personal problems with you /or/ maybe because deep down within we know you really don't care to know our personal problems? We voluntarily give our monies to the church, but when we're out of work we cant depend on the church to help us without making an embarrassing situation WORSE! We can depend on the church to give us a loan, take our social security number, run our license plate, ask how we're going to pay the LOAN back? Just silliness and madness. 

"...Its sad how we freely give, 
but never freely receive!"

If your members are in poverty then that's a direct resemblance of your leadership. For example: when I sold crack cocaine, me and my homies reaped the financial benefits. We all ate good and drove nice cars, now if I along was eating good and driving a nice car and they was lacking then their lack would of resembled my leadership abilities as a greedy person making all the money but not sharing, which could of landed a bullet in my head.

Of course church men are much more passive then that. They'd rather allow you (Pastor) to emasculate them in the name of leadership, but leadership doesn't emasculate, to the contrary, it empowers! Jesus gave us disciples POWER! Jesus didn't make them feel inferior, Jesus didn't run their households, Jesus didn't make men into boys! Jesus made men better men! He led and fed them! He taught them true manhood! After Jesus led and fed them he equipped them to lead and feed themselves and others.

You Pastors' are're leading a bunch of weak flunkies! Your leadership causes the brothers in your church to fear you in the name of reverence. Sisters see the fear you instill in the brothers so they automatically adore you. The sisters exalt you over their husbands! If you haven't noticed, the sisters love you more then their own husbands...for they will second guess their husbands, but they'll never second guess your word. 

If the men didn't fear you they would of had eyes to see you was sleeping with their wives, but you covered their 3rd eye causing them to see but not see, hear but not hear. Your fancy word play tickles the sisters to unconsciously desire you as the brothers desire to be you in order to cast the same spell.

Then you get mad at brothers for sleeping with various sisters in the church. Well, its because we spiritually know you and your preacher buddies either have or are doing the same thing. The sisters who make the church announcements, why are they all light-skin? The sisters over just about every ministry department, why is it they all have big butts? Is this purposely done? Doubt it not!

Maybe you like seeing us in poverty? Maybe you like the facts you and your family is better off then the rest of us? Maybe it hasn't dawned on you our tithes and offerings which pay your salary put your children through Howard, Yale, Princeton, Morehouse just so your children can come back home and not even speak to our children. And what about the cliques in the church, when will you break them up? Or maybe you like class structures in our church, after all you came to prominence from a church clique, right...?

So whats your next move besides borrowing sermons from the web /or/ trying to out preach your preacher buddy? Will you truly use your bully pulpit to actually benefit the people? Will your ministry be more holistic? Or are you simply going to mentally say "screw Jim Allen, to hell he go!" Well, if that's how you feel then cool, just know Jim Allen know the game from the White House, Church House to the Crack House.

But if I ran game at least my followers wouldn't be broke, busted and disgusted! At least I wouldn't preach a hocus pocus message that lacks logic! At least my followers would know they could come over my house watch my big screen TV and have a five course meal with me and my family! At least the men would feel superior and not inferior! At least my followers would know their Shepherd would go HAM for his sheep! At least my followers would know deep down within I ACTUALLY CARE!

So while you continue to use fancy words on Sunday, just know your members are in extreme poverty on Monday and as their leader you are directly responsible for failing to teach them everyday survival! You don't have a ministry, you have an entertainment tax free business!