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A Message From T-Fly "Terry Young"

Terry Young AKA T-FLY
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About Me:
I am currently serving a life sentence in the federal prison system....that is my situation, but hardly describes or defines me. I am a man who is dedicated to my own development as well as helping the youth. Prior to my incarceration I served honorably in the US Army. It was there I learned honor, loyalty, and integrity. 

I returned to my community to develop business and become a community organizer. Since 1997 I have been fighting this illegal life sentence, I have remained positive and focused on my goal of freedom. I have studied the effects of the total institutions and the disparities and inequities of the criminal justice system. 

Despite my circumstances I have done everything I can to improve my life and help others that will one day return to society. I'm enrolled in Governors State University and recently completed the computer and cabinet making programs here at Greenville. I recently petitioned the President for clemency. 

"I need ALL the help I can get in pursuit of justice, that at this point has been denied. Please email President Obama in supporting my petition for commutation."

Who I'd like to meet:
I would like to meet people who are interested in seeing that justice is served. I have been given an illegal life sentence and I have basically exhausted all of my legal options. I'd like to meet new friends and reconnect with old ones. I'm much more than my situation. 

I served this Country honorably and received "3 Honorable Discharges". I am a father, brother and friend. I worked diligently in my community, provided jobs, housing and alternatives to the street for the disenfranchised people of Chicago. 

Since my incarceration in 1997 I have worked to improve myself and help others. I live my life according to honor, loyalty and integrity and above all else a strong belief in the Creator. My family needs me. You can email me on facebook. Please click below LINK:  
Terry Young | Facebook

You can write me as well:
Mr Terry Young
FCI Victorville 1
PO BOX 5300 
Adelanto, California 92301

Please Click Below LINK:
Petition: President Barack Obama: FREE Terry Young! |