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Dawgelene "Dr. Dawj" Sangster 

I'm so excited! I'm so rejuvenated! I feel so renewed! I feel absolutely amazing! I attended Dr. Dawgelene Sangster's LIFE COACHING CLASS! With compassion, love, honesty, and understanding she helped me understand things that were doormat in my spirit, things I knew was there but couldn't verbally express and things that I had no clue was inside of me. She helped me confront thoughts I hidden in my mind. The second I verbally and physically wrote my thoughts out is when I felt something within me break (the yoke of denial) broke! I was no longer to hide certain thoughts in my mind after she helped me reveal them and speak them in the atmosphere.  

The Class was amazing because it was one-on-on which allowed me to be transparent and open relative to my failures, successes and future endeavors. The good doctor didn't judge me, she didn't make me feel inferior, to the contrary, she empowered me. She gave me a sharper focus as it relates to accomplishing my goals and aspirations. 

I don't wanna give away everything she imparted in me because I want you too experience it for yourself. I want you to feel what I felt, receive what I've received, and embrace the choice...your choice of having a more purposeful life. The above pic is me holding my "Life Board" its a collage of pictures that has certain sentimental meanings to me. 

Of course I have more work to do. I have more sessions, I have more classes, but I look forward to them. Can't wait to see my progress which started the second I stepped foot in her class.

"...I wanna see your 'Life Board', I wanna see if I 
can discern your past, present, and future life pattern...
so go make one ASAP!"

If you're a life coach, motivational speaker, public servant, you should attend Dr. Dawgelene Sangster's classes as well. Her classes are open to those of all walks of life.

Dr. Dawgelene Sangster is a leadership consultant, educational workshop and professional development coach focusing on culture, personal branding, and motivational speaking incorporating business and psychology in the work place. 

Dr. Sangster is the CEO and FOUNDER of Think Royally Inc., a Non-profit organization dedicated to helping women and girls maximize their personal and professional lives though leadership development and creating communities of learning through education and technology.

Dr. Dawgelene Sangster is a published author with several books under her belt: 

* Give That Man R.E.S.P.E.C.T! 

* Behold You! (Change From Within) 

* Behold You 2

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She's also a member of Six Brown Chicks a group of women focusing on life, love and relationships. 

Dawgelene "Dr. Dawj" Sangster

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