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Can You Say "MORE HATERS?"

Okay, so its no secret of my public beef's w/ crazys' like Mark Carter, Queen Sister and their network of dummies, but these bastards have cranked it up a notch by creating FAKE profiles of me on dating sites. Please click below LINK:
Tha Movement University: Where is Mark Carter and Queen Sister?

1st of all I've never used a "Dating Site".

2nd of all I'm too got damn handsome to use a "Dating Site". 

3rd of all its not my shtick.

4th of all I've never, ever used and/or placed my pictures, image or person on the "Dating Site" called Plenty Of Fish.  

Only a COWARD hides behind a computer screen and make fake profiles. If you want my attention then email, call, text, facebook and/or tweet me in your "real person" that way we can square off like men. Right now um just laughing at cha, y'all trying hard to maintain, but go ahead cause I ain't mad at cha

Please click the below LINK in order to view the FAKE profile:
mr_rice Reading, financials, sports

* I'm not 42 years old! I'm in my mid 30's.

* I'm 5' 11" without shoes.

* My religious background is Apostolic, though I'm universal in philosophy and spirituality.  

* I rep Chi-town.

* I have a Bachelor's in Liberal Arts and Science w/ over 130 some college credits.

"The Real Jim Allen"