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The SOLUTION to Violence in Chicago

Its a shame our children cant ride their bikes in their own neighborhoods simply because parents fear they'll be gunned down. Seems like every time the tempeture gets hotter more people get colder. The street fact is its not the hot weather, to the contrary, its the point the hit was made in the winter, now that its hot everyone seems to be outside which make targets easier to find. Drive around the block, there he is...pop, pop, pop he's gone.  

Please Click Photo. The universal sign of 
Tha Movement University  

Of course we all know the ills of our communities. We all know the shame as well. Here in Chicago RedEye which is a sub-newspaper published by the Chicago Tribune has made it their mantra to publish murders in Chicago by Race and neighborhood. Needless to say Black and Browns are leading in the polls. Please click below LINK:

The solution is simple! Gotham City needs the voices of Jim Allen, Wallace "Gator" Bradley, Rev. Greg Seal Livingston, Mark Allen, Brittney Gault in the "Situation Room" with Mayor Rahm Emanuel discussing strategies for peace. We have the strategy: youth violence prevention, gang violence prevention, etc., we need the resources from the Mayor to implement the strategy. 

The second Mayor Rahm Emanuel gives us the resources needed is the second violence in Chicago is going to drop 50 - 75 percent, trust me. 

This isn't simply gang violence, its more so sectarian violence. Meaning the violence we see has a spiritual and religious component that only those who were and are apart of the under world understand the Chicago Code and the madness we're up against.    

Left to Right: Kally Walsh, Mayor Rahm Emanuel,
Jim Allen and his daughter. Please Click Photo.

Jim Allen addressing the Media and answering questions
about stopping violence in Chicago.

Jim Allen, President of Tha Movement University 
Wallace "Gator" Bradley, President of United In Peace INC

Left to Right: Jim Allen and Ronald Holt, Director of 
CAPS/Community Alternative Policing Strategy. 
Please Click Photo. 

Phillip Jackson, Director of Black Star Project 
and Ronald Holt 


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