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Chicago 3 Kings

"The above logo is the personalized Coat of Arms of current Pope Benedict XVI 
Look deep at his Coat of Arms and you'll see a Black/African Queen. The Queen is a 
Moorish Black woman. The Black Moors/Muslims ruled Spain for 500 years teaching the 
Spanish science, arts, mathematics, poetry and other refinements of life.
Pope Benedict honored the Black Moors/Muslims by placing a
Moorish Queen in his Coat of Arms...." 

Of course by now if you're a hip hop/gangster rap fan you've probably already heard the song titled "3 Kings" featuring Rick Ross, Jay Z, and Dr. Dre...sure, its the same ole bragging about material things, drugs, guns and women; however, I wanna shine a light on 3 Kings in Chicago doing major things to suppress violence in Chicago while at the same time saving the lives of confused Black, White and Brown youth/young adults. 


Tha Movement University wants to give a special shout out to Minister Louis Farrakhan, Reverend Jesse Jackson Sr., and Father Michael Pfleger for answering our calls and at times frustrating cry's for their intervention. We thank them for assessing the situation and moving in the time and space they decided to move in. 

The 6th District Police Commander reported NO incidents of violence during the hours Minister Louis Farrakhan and 500 members of the Nation Of Islam patrolled high crime areas of Auburn Gresham. The Minister has updates on his website relative to patrols in various high crime neighborhoods and communities in Chicago. They're not just patrolling and marching, but they're also mentoring and giving confused young adults better options besides senseless violence. 

3 Kings
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Minister Louis Farrakhan

(left to right) Father Michael Pfleger and Min. Farrakhan 

(left to right) Ft. Pfleger and Reverend Jesse Jackson Sr.