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Letter To Chicago Gangs...

There is a code of ethic among warriors. A morality that even the most savage must abide by. Anytime children are dying simply because grown men lack the testicular fortitude to put down their weapons and discuss their concerns at the round table as men mean something radical must be done. 

Some claim there isn't leadership within gangs; however, I differ with that assessment. The reality remains, there are certain neighborhoods and communities in Chicago that has been home to various gangs for 40 to 50 years. If that's the case then rival gangs should respect history and NOT decide to infiltrate certain neighborhoods and communities with intentions of taking over! 

Every gang/tribe should remain in their perspective regions, neighborhoods and communities working on legal economic strategies and peace negotiations among rival gangs/tribes. 

Each gang should protect its community from rapists, thieves who rob seniors, and those who commit senseless violence. The murder of children rather mistakenly or purposely must cease! A true warrior doesn't mistakenly and/or purposely kill innocent by-standers or children!

As a warrior, you must understand if you kill then your life will eventually be taken as well. You live by the sword, you die by the sword. War will always be among us. War is as divine as Peace for war was founded in Heaven among God and Lucifer (Revelation 12:7). The Bible also informs us The Lord is a Man of War (Exodus 15:3) King James Version.

Nevertheless, Jesus said "Blessed are the Peacemakers" (Matthew 5:9). The war we see in Chicago's poor neighborhoods and communities is mainly senseless and baseless...its nothing divine, sane, or holy about it! We have young thugs with no morality and or code of ethic, listening to gangster rap, smoking weed, then shooting into crowds of innocent people like cowards. A true warrior is one who hits his target face-to-face. A true warrior makes sure his enemy sees his face before his life is taken. 

The streets of Chi-town has been filled with blood since the days of Al Capone (Italian Mafia) and Bugs Moran (Irish Mafia) however, the current senseless violence we see among Blacks (African Americans) and Browns (Hispanics) and the murder of children is a disgrace to the soul of any warrior...ancient and modern!

Either gang/tribal leaders will correct injustices /or/ neighborhoods and communities will have to band together, pick up arms, and eliminate the sources of evil and ignorance among us! Sometimes PEACE is won through WAR.

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