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Take Back The HOOD: There Will Be BLOOD!

In metaphysics we observe the essence of ultimate reality of: what, who, when, where and of course why? What is the ultimate reality of neighborhoods like: Austin, Lawndale, Humboldt Park, Pilsen, Little Village, Garfield Park, Auburn Gresham, Back of the Yards, Grand Crossing, Roseland, Englewood, etc? 

It would be redundant to repeat how cocaine originated in Black/African American communities. No matter how drugs ended up in our communities we still have a choice of rather or not we wanna use, touch, and/or sell it...the drug dealer, the drug user and the drug are one, they need each other too survive.

With drugs come thugs, and with thugs come violence. No neighborhood, community or nation can ever thrive solely on selling drugs among its people! The violence we currently see in African American communities around the States has reached military proportions robbing us of our Constitutional Rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. 

Anytime parents are afraid to buy their child(ren) bikes to ride up and down the street means they are living in a state of PTSD and fear...a hideous metaphysical reality created by ignorant thugs who have no regard for life. 

If Harriet Tubman could have clairvoyanced into the future she probably would of thought to herself "why free them if this is what their posterity will become?!" Nevertheless, there's always a chosen few i.e. 5% or 10% within every Race or Nationality willing to succeed against all odds. 

This brings me to my point of Matthew 11:12 where Jesus speaks of the violent taking it by force. Always remember war is as divine as peace, for they both originated in Heaven (read the 12th Chapter of Revelation) notwithstanding only the violent /or/ aggressive will rule the majority. 

Since thugs have created a world of fear in various inner city neighborhoods and communities its only right those of us in leadership create an uncertain world for them! Since thugs have made it unsafe for our children to play in communities where we pay taxes, its only right we make it unsafe for them to stand on street corners selling drugs, pimping, and committing senseless violence!  
The righteous in our communities have protested and marched for too long! And in most community meetings all you'll see is women and seniors speaking out against violence. Where are the MEN?! As Dana Kozlov said at a gang press conference "members of your community are killing members of your community!" view below LINK: 

Actually, Dana was and is right! In essence, neighborhoods and communities, especially villages of which the African American community is (simply because our ancestors were stolen from our villages in Africa) has always had leadership apparatuses and structures that governed the affairs of our community. 

Those who rape women, rob seniors, commit senseless violence must be removed from our community! Those who shoot and mistakenly or purposely kill the innocent /or/ children must be removed from our community! Those who sell drugs and shoot in front of "Houses of Worship" must be removed from our community! They live by the sword, they die by the community's sword! 
These thugs have no intentions of changing their lives for the betterment of society. They brag about killing. They make songs about killing. Click below LINK of Chicago's own Chief Keef:
Chief Keef & Fat Trel - Russian Roulette (Official Video) - YouTube

They take great pride in holding neighborhoods and communities hostage. Listen to the below YouTube song by a young fool called "Lil Mouse"
This Kid Is Wildin: 13-Year-Old Rapper From Chicago! - YouTube

The only solution to violence in various Chicago neighborhoods and communities is for BLACK MEN to stand up and physically confront those who fill our neighborhoods and communities with drugs and violence. We have a Constitutional Right to defend ourselves, our families, and our neighborhoods and communities. We have a Constitutional Right to stand our ground. We have a Constitutional Right of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness; therefore, those who impede on our Rights must be eliminated. This means father must be willing to go against son if son is involved in acts that threaten the security and harmony of our neighborhoods, communities, and village (Luke 12:53). 

The problem is when we talk "physical revolution" Black Men become scared and timid (Luke 21:26). You can pray all you want. March all you want, but at some point you gotta realize "FREEDOM got a shotgun!" 

Its odd how Black Men will voluntarily join the US Military to fight and kill foreigners overseas for the idea of America's why not organize and fight for the security of your neighborhoods and communities?! 

What's the worse that could happen?! The worse has already happened! These monsters recently killed a 7 year old baby (Heaven Sutton). Please click below LINK:
Mourners say goodbye to 7-year-old Heaven Sutton - Chicago Tribune

These monsters killed a 17 year old pregnant teenager (Charinez Jefferson). Please click below LINK:
Charinez Jefferson, Pregnant Chicago Teen, Fatally Shot, But Baby Saved (VIDEO)

It gets no worst then that! I fully agree w/ St. Rep. La Shawn Ford! We can't expect law enforcement and law makers to change violent mindsets of thugs! Please click below LINK:
Hate, negativity leads to senseless violence

Black Men must unite, organize, create a strategy and prepare for Armageddon! Peace in our neighborhoods and communities by any means necessary! Physical confrontation is the only solution! There Will Be BLOOD!  

Min. Jim Allen
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