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Pastor Jack Schaap and the FAILURE of Spiritual Leadership

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These are the times that try men souls! Many are caving, dying and committing suicide because societies around the World have become animalistic. We live in a World of Rich and Poor, the middle class is the new working poor only one accident or medical emergency away from homelessness.

In hoods of America Black and Brown youth are dying daily due to senseless violence. The most lucrative job in town is the funeral business. As pressure rises, people turn too outside sources or resources to aide their inside needs i.e. crack cocaine, alcohol, sex...thus in the hood babies are born at a faster rate then other communities. Babies also are aborted at a larger rate then other communities as well. Is there a church in the wild?! Of course there is! 

But as unemployment continue to dominate the headlines, as we continue to struggle to make ends meet, as we continue to struggle to provide food for our children I guess we must do so by any means necessary. When you see me and those like me on the altar maybe its because we prostituted ourselves to provide for our children. Maybe its because I sold a few dime bags of crack cocaine to provide for my children. Maybe my tears and screaming at the altar is due to me having to resort to sin and crime to keep me and mine from starvation! Um'ma pull capers its all about the papers! Its about to get ugly simply because I'm hungry!

President Barack Obama once stated "poor people cling to their guns and religion". I guess that explains most of the violence in poor neighborHOODS and communities? Nevertheless, there's an invisible suffering neighborhood and community as well among poor Whites. The new SLAVERY is unemployment! The new JIM CROW is college debt. Reason and being why so many are taking too the streets to OCCUPY New York, Chicago, Washington DC., etc.

So when poor people cling to their "religion" they attend churches, synagogues, mosques, shrines and temples looking for spiritual help in desperate times. In Chicago alone we have over 10,000 churches. We have several mega-churches and mega-ministries. Its amazing how people fill churches to capacity every Sunday morning, yet those same people are out of work, under paid, in systemic poverty, currently living in depressing conditions.
Why wont the pastors' STOP building multimillion dollar facilities and invest in franchises to employ their members? is it the Reverends duty to teach you how to feed yourself /or/ is his duty too preach the word as you struggle trying to provide basic necessities for your family? If you paid/past tense tithes or are paying/present tense tithes (physical MONEY) then the church owes you more then prayer and spiritual advice during your physical struggles!

The problem is we don't demand MORE from our pastors yet our pastors demand more from us often. They place heavy burdens on us relative to us PAYING tithes and offerings. They demand our presence in worship services. They demand we financially support various ecclesiastical causes that have no financial benefit for us.

Its simple logic...if you gave a Bank 10% of your earnings every two weeks /or/ according to your pay period you'd expect some type of financial benefits from your Bank. You'd expect to receive a loan if needed. You'd expect to be able to overdraw monies and pay it back, so why is it the church lacks financial programs to benefit it's members, yet the church is one of the biggest institutions that receive money from it's members?! 

But lets look past the church failure to create, develop and implement financial apparatus for its members, lets look at the fact so many (not all) of our pastors' aren't living what they sternly preach. Why preach against a woman wearing tight jeans when deep down within you like tight jeans on a woman? Why teach against women wearing makeup when deep down within you love women that know how to make their faces look seductive and pretty? 

People fail to realize the harder one preaches is the harder they set the moral and spiritual bar for themselves and their church. Don't preach against what you haven't overcome. Preach glad tidings and allow GOD to do all the convicting and condemning which is something Pastor Jack Schaap clearly didn't do!
Jack Schaap was Pastor of the 11th largest church in America according to Outreach Magazine. I remember listening to Reverend Schaap on TV and the man was stone to the bone! He was a hard preacher, his sermons lacked grace, forgiveness, and the metaphysical reality of sin. People fail to realize sin is real, sin is powerful, sin caused angels to rebel against GOD, sin caused Adam and Eve to be kicked out of the Garden of Eden; however, GOD forgives sin! 

The Christian World was shocked to find out Pastor Jack Schaap was having an affair (sinning) with an under aged teen. Its been said Pastor Jack Schaap has admitted to sex with a minor. Its also been said Pastor Jack Schaap was exposed because his cell phone was found on the podium in the pulpit. A church member went to take him his phone (but I guess) started snooping in his phone and saw explicit pictures of Pastor Jack Schaap with an under age girl. Why did he save the pictures? Was he masturbating to them? Was he holding on to the memories? Was the teen a virgin? Was she paid? What sexual positions did he expose the young teen too? Is the teen receiving psychological counseling? Did he fall in love with her? Or, like most male he believe a man can have a wife and concubines(s)? 

I think the fall of Jack Schaap should be a lesson to us all. The lesson is no one is above the WORD, and no one is above the LAW! Jack Schaap may be forgiven by some for molesting a minor; however, his troubles wont be going away anytime soon. He now has to deal with the pain he's caused his family. He also has to deal with the LAW because sex with a minor is a crime.

Another lesson we learn is Pastors' all over are under extreme pressure and sometimes pressure makes good men do bad things i.e. the late great Pastor Zachery Timms. I was recently tweeting about Pastor Jack Schaap and received some informative feed back.

Below are some of the tweets I received in my twitter time_line when I tweeted about Jack Schaap:

I grew up in that church (long time ago), and sadly its not the first time. I'm amazed they actually came forward! Sad.

Wish I was kidding. Google Jack Hyles (Schaap's father-in-law and predecessor) and his son, David Hyles. Some serious sh*t.

Amen. He's had so many problems 4 so long. I feel worst 4 his dear wife & children. His daughter is married 2 our nephew.

When I @Tha1Movement asked why aren't there Black Ministers' in the Pulpit of First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana (I received the following feedback).

There used to be one, a few years back. Don't know where he went to.

its a suburb of Chicago. I'm sure black ppl live there but fbc ain't going to put them on stage. :)

I was most intrigued by @AnnetteIngersol replies which imply sexual abuse of minors is a common thing at First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana... I'm wondering will others step forward? Just as sexual abuse is taboo at First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana so is homosexuality taboo within the Black Church yet a large number of our choir directors, musicians and song writers are homosexual and/or have been molested.

So where do we go from here? Will Pastors' continue to preach messages they cant live up too? Will ministries continue to build multimillion dollar [BIG BOX] Churches that have no economical benefit to members? Will Pastors' continue to have sex with minors? Will church members continue to hold Pastors' to low standards?

Will Pastors' take the command of Jesus literally and mentally, spiritual as well as physically feed his sheep? Or will things remain the same? CHUUUCH!

John 21:7

Acts 2:44-45