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Who Do We BLAME For Violence In Black Chicago?

There's much BLAME to go around. Of course to a degree the community is partially to blame; however, how can a community stand tall against wild young thugs with AK47's?

Parents are somewhat to blame, but how can parents raise children in disenfranchised neighborhoods and communities? If all the good people moved out of the hood then the hood will be left with bad people, nevertheless, sometimes good people do bad things too survive. Its not solely a matter of good and bad /or/ right and wrong. Its a matter of survival.

In various Cities across America unemployment among Blacks are over 50% the number is even higher among young Black teens. The question remains, if we take drugs (which has now become the life-blood of certain individuals) out of their hands then what alternatives do we propose to offer them? If a guy is making 40K a night selling kilos of drugs why would he listen to someone making 40K a year?

Sure, we can give them the whole prison line, but stats prove via recidivism rates the prison line isn't working anymore. The facts remain...the Disciples, Kings, Stones, and Vice Lords are here to stay. Some of the gangs in Chicago are older then google and yahoo. Some of the gangs in Chicago has made enough money to be considered Fortune 500 companies. Not saying I agree w/ everything gangs do, I'm only saying the situation relative to gang violence and prevention is more complexed then "round em' up and lock em' up!"

At the end of the day every poor neighborhood and community in Black Chicago has an Alderman, State Representative, State Senator, County Commissioner, Congressman and Senator. Its their job as politicians to lobby for their constituents.

But to the contrary we see our politicians successfully convincing Governor Pat Quinn (a man whom I respect and admire) to sign the RICO ACT (R)acketeer (I)nfluenced and (C)orrupt (O)rganizations ACT. The RICO ACT basically gives law enforcement the power to charge high raking gang leaders for the actions of their followers.

In other words a Regent could be in Florida with his family, enjoying life, not having a clue some wild young punk flew off the handle, picked up a gun and shot the guy who was screwing his baby momma! The Regent could possibly be charged with the crime simply because the young wild punk was a member of his street organization.

I wonder will Garry McCarthy be responsible for rogue Chicago Police officers raping women and working for street organizations? Does the RICO ACT apply to all or just those labeled criminals? Isn't it criminal to abuse public trust and an oath to serve and protect?

With the RICO ACT in effect and the arrest and imprisonment of high ranking gang leaders we now see anarchy. They locked up the heads only for the body to run around in a confused state of panic. There's no street level leadership. There's no law and/or structure being adhered to. The situation is totally and completely out of control.
The RICO ACT has forced many street leaders to give up their status because they don't wanna lose their freedom and go to jail. So now we see a younger generation that has no clue of the history, rules or laws of various street organizations. We see a younger generation of wild thugs with no leadership...killing at will.

At least when gangs had leadership a Chief could call another Chief and the beef would stop. Now that's not the case. There are no Chiefs' to call, because the Chiefs' have given up their status and rank due to the RICO ACT. Its for this very reason Mayor Rahm Emanuel, States Attorney Anita Alvarez, Superintendent Garry McCarthy, and Governor Pat Quinn should reconsider the RICO ACT. Please click below LINKS:

Will violence in Chicago decrease? No time soon unless out of the box ideas are proposed. Unless we look at the ugly facts as it relates to sectarian violence. Unless we are willing to meet with gang leaders without preconditions just as then Senator Barack Obama once stated he's "willing to meet with America's enemies without preconditions if elected President" relative to peace agreements and safety.

Click below LINK to hear Jay Z and Kanye West address Chicago violence:

Jim Allen
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