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Father Michael Pfleger ((CALLS OUT)) Chief Keef

Niggas in Paris, Niggas in Chicago at Lollapalooza, some body's having a grand ole time laughing at these niggas' running around with no shirt on, pants below their butts, looking just like niggas on a modern PLAN-ta-tion! Now that's that ISH I don't like! BANG, BANG!!! 

Don't get me wrong, I support a young man being successful..but at what cost? The cost of MKULTRA gangster rap deception and glorification of genocide? Don't think so!  

The facts remain someone from Chief Keef's crew murdered Lil JoJo and Chief Keef felt the need to make sport of the murder via twitter of which he claims his account was hacked. Sure it was buddy! Your botched joke proved your ignorance in thanking the murderer for his services you probably paid for. The murder of Lil JoJo was gang related which means Chief Keef may be charged under the RICO ACT.

View the below footage: