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Can The Black Church Pull The Black Community Out of POVERTY?

The Black Church has always been the forefront institution relative to Black culture, success, and of course Civil Rights. Just about every Black politician in times past was either a minister or a church member. Faith has always played a key role in African/or shall I say multi-cultural/Black people lives. I say multi-cultural because the facts remain "most" of us i.e. Blacks in America have Native American, French, Irish, or some other European bloodline percentage mixed within our African DNA. I guess that's why Black/African Americans are so creative?

It was our faith and creativity that took us through the dark ages of SLAVERY and JIM CROW. The Black church has come a long way. We're now building 30 - 40 million dollar sanctuaries. The question remains, would Jesus build a multi-million dollar worship center knowing his people are in chronic poverty?

I still don't understand why wont Pastors' take half the money and build a church, use the other half to invest in franchise businesses? Why not take 15 million dollars and buy a couple of McDonald's, NAPA Auto Parts, GNC Stores, etc., so your members could have jobs? When Jesus told Peter to feed my sheep, feed my lamb (John 21:15-17) he was talking more then spiritual, he was talking physical as well (Acts 4:32).

Can the Black Church pull the Black Community out of POVERTY? Of course! The problem is we rather build BIG BOX churches in the ghetto then build businesses.