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Rick Ross In Trouble With The GD's!? (Gangster Disciples)

Sounds like extortion to me, but why would the above guys make a national video with their faces shown? Does Rick Ross owe the entire GD Nation or just the immediate families of Meech and Hoover?

Should this threat be taken serious or just a bunch of guys looking for 15 seconds of fame? Its important to note Rick Ross is claiming BLACK HEBREW ISRAELITE not GD! Also Rick Ross is more so a spectator of the Crips, Bloods, Vice Lords, Disciples...he's NOT actually affiliated with them.

Another interesting point is why are the above guys inserting masonic grips and signs in their thuggery?! Please guys, leave the masonic out of your gang banging. Masonry and street gangs DON'T MIX! Never have, NEVER WILL!