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The Bu$ine$$ of Violence in Chicago

#BangBang #Chiraq #300 all hashtags from artists like @ChiefKeef @LilDurk_ @MouseMyers and others in FULL support of violence in Chicago. Their message, lyrics and music is the mental dope young thugs listen to that has them hyped up and ready to kill or die at will!

In wake of LilJoJo losing his life clearly due to his RAP beef w/ Chief Keef, various artists' continue to promote a dangerous lifestyle that is contrary to the pursuit of happiness in various neighborhoods and communities in Chicago.

Violence in Chicago has become a business. Def Jam, Interscope, Young Money, etc., has descended on Chicago in hopes of finding the most gutter, hood, vicious lyrical killing machines possible, disregarding the number of homicides in Chicago due too youth/gang violence!

The harder you are, the more street cred you have, the proof you're a real killer (instead of a studio killer) is what Def Jam, Interscope, Young Money, and other record labels are looking for. They're looking for kids w/ prison records, drop outs, killers and thugs to promote VIOLENCE on a National level via their lyrics and music.

The Bu$ine$$ of Violence in Chicago is booming! The more deaths, the greater the image of #Chiraq now that's that ISH I don't like!

You can find the above scum bags on twitter posting women sucking their little cocks, disrespecting women, promoting violence, and of course bragging about how much money they have (now) that they are million dollar Apostles of DEATH! 
Written By:
Jim Allen
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