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CHICAGO: Public Aid Office Nightmares!

No one wants to depend on Public Assistance, hell in these times we all need Public Assistance. Its hard to find a job, and sometimes even harder to keep one. People who have jobs have to work overtime hours simply to be able to enjoy the American Dream. More couples are working extra hours as children are forced to raise themselves.

People are losing their jobs for all types of reasons: globalization and sometimes refusal to kiss a** could land one in the Public Aid Office. Its called Public Aid/Assistance for a reason, the reason is to assist those who are struggling to provide for themselves and their families.

The absolute WORST Pubic Aid Office in Chicago is (drum roll please) the one located at 4105 W. Chicago Avenue 773.265.7000 horrible customer service and disrespectful case workers to say the least. The Case Workers treat there clients like sh!t. Talk to them like sh!t. All while simultaneously gossipping about other clients and their personal lives. After one leaves this particular office they're going to need to listen to all types of "Self Help Motivational Tapes", "Pray to not kill someone", "Get a Lobotomy ASAP!"   

Its a F'king disgrace. After the Case Workers and Staff finish making you feel low, stupid, and inferior they then act as if they are the one giving you FOOD STAMPS... Like, b!tch this here is government money, not your's! Pretty sure most of the Public Aid Case Workers are getting FOOD STAMPS themselves!

On a more serious note I'd love for St. Rep. La Shawn K. Ford, Alderman Emma Mitts and Alderman Jason Ervin to look into the Public Aid Office located 4105 W. Chicago Avenue. Something must be done! Leave your comments below, what and where is the WORST Public Aid Office in Chicago?!