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Should Con. Jesse Jackson Jr STEP DOWN?

The 2nd District according to has a population of 653,647 / the racial make-up is 29.7% White, 62.4% Black, 0.6 Asian, 10.4% Hispanic, 0.2% Native American, 1.8% Other. It comprises parts of: Cook, Will, and all of Kankakee Counties. Cities and villages include: Riverdale, Sauk Village, Steger, Lansing, Markham, Park Forest, Richton Park, Bradley, Bourbonnais, Calument, Chicago, Chicago Heights, Country Club Hills, Dolton, Harvey, Hazel Crest, and Homewood.

Currently the 2nd District is represented by Con. Jesse Jackson Jr., of whom is engulfed in a firestrom of personal and legal problems. Con. Jackson Jr., was once known as one of the brilliant minds of Black America relative to social and political leadership. His father the honorable Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr., a man who has voluntarily fought for civil rights since the days of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., remains a sense of stability and support for his son during these dark times.

Con. Jesse Jackson Jr., has been released from the Mayo Clinic where he was treated for bi-polar issues. As "new" information is released concerning trivial details of Con. Jackson Jr's., appetite for various women and once buying a mistress a 40K Rolex... the Black community continues to call various radio stations such as concerning Con. Jesse Jackson Jr., stepping down and allowing someone else to fill his position as Congressman of the 2nd District.

Its also important to note Con. Jackson Jr., recently won the 2012 re-election by a landslide. The voters of the 2nd District continues to have faith in Con. Jackson Jr., even though he hasn't been in Congress since June of 2012.

Nevertheless, the Congressman is losing support from African American women of whom have made quite a fuss of him buying a Caucasian woman/mistress a 40K Rolex, they're also puzzled as it relates to how and why could he cheat on such a beautiful woman i.e. his wife Alderman Sandi Jackson?

Many are rehashing old rumors of Con. Jackson Jr., once wearing a wire for the FEDS for an alleged 11 years...who was he helping the FEDS investigate? Why did he wear a wire for so long?  To date the Congressman "may" be taking a plea deal into consideration. If so who will fill his legendary shoes? Who will be the "newest" member of one of the World's most powerfullest political bodies? Below is a list of names that has been discussed on

State Senator Kwame Raoul

Alderman Anthony Beale

Attorney Sam Adam Jr.

Alderman Sandi Jackson (Con. Jesse Jackson Jr's., wife)

No matter who takes Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr's., place as Congressman of the 2nd District we must always remember to remain humble when placed in positions of power. Strong men are falling all around us i.e. former 4 Star General and CIA Director David Petraeus proves no one is above the law. No one is above rebuke!

"Our prayers go out to the Jackson family as they move forward!".

-Jim Allen