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BREAKING NEWS: St. Rep. La Shawn K. Ford

Rev. Marshall Hatch (far left) St. Rep. La Shawn K. Ford (middle)

Tha Movement University STANDS in full support of St. Rep. La Shawn K. Ford. We sincerely appreciate all who are "positively" working on Mr. Ford's vindication of all charges. Mr. Ford is a dear friend of mine, in fact, he personally appointed me Chairman of his Violence Prevention Task Force July of 2011.

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As a friend of Mr. Ford, and leader of Tha Movement University which has over 170,000 views World Wide, I'm a bit leary of some of the SUPPOSEDLY supporters of St. Rep. La Shawn K. Ford. What we absolutely do not need are guys like MARK CARTER showing up at arraignments with his pack of thugs yelling in front of the court house and acting crazy in the court room which seems to be their only intention.

The question remains, how can MARK CARTER legally help, counsel, or give advice about law or politics to anyone when he's under Federal Indictment?! google "Mark Carter, Carla Oglesby, Cook County Corruption"

MARK CARTER is tied to too many political scandals, click below links:

We need the aide and assistance of people who really, genuinely want to help Mr. Ford without the motives of sabotaging our efforts! There are many LEGIT groups and organizations supporting Mr. Ford such as the LEADERS Network, please click below link:

If you're looking to join LEGIT supporters of St. Rep. La Shawn K. Ford, Please view below sites:

If MARK CARTER and/or any of his supporters ask you for checks, cash, money orders for St. Rep. La Shawn K. Ford please DO NOT give it too them! Its just another one of their schemes! Our prayers go out too St. Rep. La Shawn K. Ford, godspeed as we battle all charges!