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Dawn Of A New West Side of Chicago

Written By: Jim Allen,

Tha Movement University and our over 170,000 views support Dawn Ferencak and her reporting of stories on the West Side of Chicago. Rather its informing us of a new restaurant, keeping us in the loop concerning business socials, keeping us inspired with photos of gospel celebrations, or covering political events, we can count on Dawn to keep us informed.

Dawn Is Out And Abut In if you have events please contact her ASAP. Give her at least 2 - 3 weeks notice of your event, which will afford her time to schedule and effectively prepare for your event.

I'm asking everyone to check out her blog below:

Also, if you have a business be sure too contact Dawn. She has all the right contacts and networks to help your business expand and grow.

Dawn Ferencak
141 S. Oak Park Avenue