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Lets HELP Hermene Hartman!

If you live in Illinois you probably listen to several radio stations. There's WGCI, B96, POWER 92, WVON1690AM and of course V103 Chicago. During most mornings Hermene's segment comes on "Views From The Heart".

The segment ranges in topics and offers solutions to a wide range of issues including: relationships, business, politics, and of course gang violence in Chicago. Hermene Hartman is also founder of a mega-newspaper called N'DIGO of which has received national recognition. N'DIGO has highlighted many businessmen, educators, and politicians such as President Barack Obama before he became President, even before he was a US Senator.

The management at V103 Chicago has decided to cut Hermene's segment "Views From The Heart". This is a travesty to those who love listening to conscious radio. I'm asking the over 190,000 views of this blog to call V103 Chicago and DEMAND Hermene Hartman show to continue on V103 Chicago!

In times of such VIOLENCE in Chicago we need Hermene's inspiration and knowledge to direct us. Go to Hermene's website

Call V103 Chicago:
312-540-2052 Earl Jones
312-540-2407 Derrick Brown