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Paul McKinley: Greatest Hits

Paul McKinley knew he didn't have a snow balls chance in hell in winning as a Democrat so he did the wise thing of running as a Republican. Its odd because just last year Paul was claiming to be a Tea Party member. We all know the Republican Party is struggling too survive national but what Paul has done to the image of the Republican Party should be the final death blow.

Paul is known for running the gritty streets of Chicago with his buddies Mark Carter and Queen "Pissy Hat" Sister. They have beaten people up and even threatened local and national politicians. Paul McKinley hasn't worked a legal job in the last 30 years, which means he's NOT a tax payer. Paul, Mark and Queen Sister are paid political thugs. Their job is to aggravate and intimidate well established politicians, they are paid to do so...and they do it well.

No way this CLOWN
should go to Congress, not even to visit!

To date Paul, Mark or Queen Sister hasn't apologized for the deception they've worked on the minds of ex-offenders. Here's their game in a nut shell. They seek out political challengers and wannabes. They then tell them "hey man, we can get you thousands of votes from the ex-offender community and hip hop generation". They then tell the ex-offender community and hip hop generation to support so-and-so by showing up at their rally, the kicker is this...the ex-offender community and hip hop generation has no clue they are only being used for their votes and appearances, because win or lose Paul is getting paid to give the image he has the reach of bringing people to the polls.

What Paul recently pulled off relative to his so called nomination within the Republican Party is nothing spectacular, in fact its laughable. The guy is the Republican nominee with only 955 votes. He's going to get crushed in the general election, which means he'll go back to robbing construction sites and verbally assaulting senior citizens.

Click below to see Paul in action:

In the above YouTube footage Paul McKinley (now) Republican Nominee for the 2nd Congressional District is the guy holding the camera and talking. SHAMEFUL!
Lastly, I've been told Paul McKinley isn't a registered Republican, don't know if its true or not. I'm not saying Paul shouldn't be forgiven, however, I'm saying people like him shouldn't be rewarded for their stupidity either. Don't even get me started on the stupid racist fliers Paul and Mark passed out which lead to Todd Stroger losing ELECTION as Cook County Board President!

google "Paul McKinley Soldiers 4 Storger".

below is the RACIST flier Paul McKinley personally distributed! Now why should we send this CLOWN to Congress?!

Click Photo!