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The DEATH of Chicago Public School Kids!

The Chicago Public Schools leadership along with Mayor Rahm Emanuel has announced they are closing 54 school programs and 61 buildings in order to make up for a 1 BILLION dollar deficit. The schools will be closed next year. Parents are worried their children will be caught in the crosshairs of gang wars that has made Chicago the murder capital of the United States of America, and in various Rap/Hip-Hop circles Chicago has become known has Chiraq which means there are more murders in Chicago per year than in war torn Iraq.

Its not clear if CPS did an in-depth study relative to providing safety for the children as they travel from their neighborhoods to areas they've never been. I suppose CPS will provide school bus service? However, this is part of the reason Derrion Albert was caught in gang conflict. The honors student was headed home and was beaten to death.

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But what's really going on? Isn't those in high government offices aware of the fading moral character of America? Just about every State in America is in debt, albeit, its a self imposed debt which means the sequester in Congress relative to cutting vital services for American citizens isn't all that necessary. On paper America is in debt, in reality we remain the richest Country in the World!

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The question becomes why would highly educated politicians allow its constituents to suffer in the manner we are suffering here in America: No Jobs, High Taxes, High Gas Prices, etc., I'm sure these educated politicians are aware when there are no jobs people end up in divorce and families are broken. The question becomes do they really give a damn, is making sure a Black President isn't successful more important than the soul of America? Doesn't government understand if there are no jobs people are going to create alternative jobs: Drugs, Robbery, Theft, and other criminal acts?!  

Karen Lewis of the Chicago Teachers Union called the move by the Chicago Public Schools and Mayor Rahm Emanuel racist, I assume because most of the school closings are on Chicago's West and South Sides which are predominately African American and Hispanic! She also labeled Mayor Rahm Emanuel "The Murder Mayor" she said he murdered jobs and schools in Chicago. Many are wondering if Mayor Emanuel will be elected to a 2nd Term after this latest move.

I know first hand how dangerous it is to attend a school outside your neighborhood, its the main reason I didn't attend Farragut High School (2345 S. Christiana) simply because of the Race Wars between Blacks and Hispanics that went on just about everyday causing many Blacks to drop out of school and not receive their high school diploma. Farragut is in a Hispanic neighborhood. Also, my oldest brother didn't receive his high school diploma because he attended a high school in an area that viewed him as an opposition gang member, of which he wasn't...the kid was a church boy, however, the gangs use to beat him up so bad he eventually dropped out and started selling drugs. This is real life people, switching children around as if its a chess board isn't a game!

According to my sources the Gangster Disciples, Vice Lords, Black P Stones, and Latin Kings held a secret meeting among their leadership and has vowed no child heading to or coming from school shall be beaten or killed, and whom so ever attacks a child going to or coming from school shall be severely violated! To the best of my knowledge there's also a meeting with Superintendent Garry McCarthy and various gang leaders in the works...I will keep you posted at a later date.

For now all we can do is pray for those who are losing their jobs due to the Chicago Public School closings. Pray for the Principals, Teachers, Janitors, Lunch Room Staff, Office Staff, Security and PTA members.

Karen Lewis, President
Chicago Teachers Union

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