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Life & Times of Dr. Abioye Goodnite

Abioye Goodnite

(short story)

I was born in America, in Chicago to be exact. My father was born in Nigeria. My mother was born in America as well. My roots on my father side is said to trace to the lineage of Kings in Africa thus my father named me Abioye which means "born into royalty".

However, physically I was born into poverty. My father ended up a drug addict and was murdered. One day on my way to school I took a short cut and stumbled upon my father lying in a pool of blood with a white substance around his nose and mouth area. He also had a bullet wound to the chest.

I'll never forget that day. I was 9 years old. My mother soon after died as well...I guess of a broken heart. My grandmother begin looking after me. Because I had no male role models I ended up joining the Gorilla Mafia street gang. We sold drugs, shot at rivals and was shot at as well. Nevertheless, as all this was happening I was a straight "A" student.

The year was 1993, I was a Junior in high school. Needless to say I was also a jock. I played football, basketball, baseball, floor hockey, and just about any sport that required fast thinking and physical ability.

Its in high school I met Desiree Williams. She was my math teacher. One cold snowy day she saw me on the bus stop and decided to give me a lift home. I had her drop me off up the street because I didn't want her too see the dilapidated house I was living in.

Mrs. Williams started attending my basketball games, we even went out for pizza several times after my games. One night while out she kissed me, I mean she would always kiss my cheek and tell me to be careful, but this time she kissed me on the lips. Of course, my manhood stood up. You gotta understand Mrs. Williams was 23 years old, at the time I was 17 so to me we weren't that far apart in age.

I'm not the one to brag but I lost my virginity in a threesome at age 13, so by the time I reached 17 I was having sex with grown women. You see, in the ghetto one is exposed to sex, guns and drugs at an early age. After Mrs. Williams kissed me I kissed her back and we had sex in her car. Hell, after that we were having sex so much I could barely walk. I'll never forget the time we stole away in school, she performed oral sex on me and swallowed my semen. She then looked at me and said your soul will always be connected to me.

.....Well time went pass and it was time for me too graduate. I received scholarships to play football at Howard University. Mrs. Williams also bought me a cell phone, lap top, and even opened up me a bank account. She put $15,000 in my bank account. While at Howard University I pledged ΨΦ∆ (I also became a Freemason).

Me and Mrs. Williams continued our love affair. I knew she was married, I just couldn't help myself. This woman took me out the ghetto. Gave me just about whatever I wanted. I graduated from Howard University with a degree in Atmospheric Science. I then attended Yale Divinity School and received my Doctors degree in Theology.

As an academic and public speaker I traveled the World giving lectures on various topics. I've been to South Africa and met President Nelson Mandela. I've been to the Congo and met Mobutu Sese Seko. I've also received knowledge from Bishop Desmond Tutu. However, it was in Sierra Leone I was initiated into the LEOPARD SOCIETY.


The initiation was above anything I ever witnessed. I had to have sex with the Queen of the village while she was on her menstruation, the adepts believed this makes the initiate one with the SOCIETY. I then had to have sex with two virgin women, it was sort of a blood ritual. After that I drank the blood of an elephant and leopard. I'm pretty sure the drink was mixed with some type of intoxicant, because after I drank I fell dead asleep...

While asleep my mind clairvoyance to the 1700's, I vividly saw African Kings and Queens selling and trading imprisoned Africans to Europeans for medicine, tea, and imprisoned European women. These European women were imprisoned for practicing witchcraft, thus they were traded into slavery to African Kings and Queens as sex slaves.

It was in Africa Mrs. Williams called me and told me she was pregnant. I told her get rid of it! She screamed HELL NO! When I returned to the States me and Mrs. Williams had a blow out argument. She spat in my face and told me I wouldn't be nothing if it wasn't for her. She was right. However, I explained to her I'm not ready to be a father and besides she's married to an Illinois Supreme Court Justice. If he finds out what we've been doing I'm dead. On top of that her husband was Grand Master Mason. Of course I knew I was violating my oath as a Mason sleeping with Mr. Williams wife. I simply thought he'd never find out. Plus he was considerably older than her.

I told Mrs. Williams, fine do whatever you want I'm leaving. I have a few speaking engagements in London, Paris, and Rome. I spoke at the Masonic Grand Lodge in London, I also spoke at Oxford University. I swung by Paris and spoke at the University of Paris concerning Zulu King Cetshwayo kaMpande defeat of the British, I also spoke of Jean-Jacques Dessalines and Henri Christophe defeat of Napoleon. Before I left Paris I visited the Lodge of the Nine Sisters of which Benjamin Franklin was a member. In Rome I debated rather the World was ready for an African Pope. Before I left Europe I visited Spain. I visited several brothels in Barcelona.

Mr. Preston Williams

When I came back to the States I had several messages from Mrs. Williams. She told me she revealed the pregnancy to her husband and that he wanted to talk to me. I met with the both of them and he said "young man, you are worthy of death". After the meeting a lot of my speaking engagements dried up. I couldn't figure out what was happening. Then I was told Mr. Williams had blackballed my name through just about every organization and association one could think of.

Speaking was my passion. Looking into the eyes of an open audience as they marveled at my intellect made me feel like a god, now it was all just about over! No more fancy socials. No more sex with hot foreign women, on top of that Mrs. Williams was under so much pressure she eventually killed herself. After her death I fell into a deep depression. I started drinking and using drugs. One night I was snorting cocaine and heard a voice say "like father, like son" I responded YOU GOT THAT RIGHT!

Years went on and suddenly I received a call from a grammar school. I was offered a job to teach 4th graders. I quickly accepted the job. I felt good because 4th grade was when I found my father dead in an alley. My mind was set to make a major impact of these young minds.

As I begin to read the names of my students one name stood out. The child's first name was Abioye. What? Are you kidding me? After school his babysitter picked him up she also handed me a note. I read the note.... The note was from Mrs. Williams. But, I thought she was dead....?

She wasn't! She had her car driven into Lake Michigan. Reports were her body couldn't be found. She faked her death and was living with our son in Canada.

Years went by. Her best friend became Principal of an elementary school so she had her friend call me for the job. The note said meet her at O'hare Airport. I did just that. The 3 of us then flew to Dubai where we now reside.... As for Preston Williams, he died of a heart attack. Apparently he used to much Viagra while having sex with a young law student.

Written By:
Jim Allen