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Chiraq: More GUNS, More PROBLEMS

The name Chiraq came about do to the number of murders in Chicago per year which often times surpass the number of killings in war torn Iraq! The murder, poverty and disenfranchisement is so bad in Chicago people have lost hope! On top of that the Chicago Public School system has fired over 2,000 teachers and staff.

In Chiraq/Chicago over 459,210 people are UNEMPLOYED. In the State of Illinois 600,655 people are UNEMPLOYED! These are the times that try men souls, but many are losing their souls and hope in Government and the American Dream.

On July 9, 2013 Illinois became the last State in the Nation to allow gun owners to carry concealed weapons. The Senate voted 41 - 17 in favor of the override Tuesday afternoon after the House voted 77 - 31. As of now there's a battle in Chicago relative to the logistics of gun owners as it relates to when and where they can carry their weapons on them: church, club, taverns, sports arenas, etc.

While running for President of the United States of the America, Barack Obama stated "poor people cling to their guns and religion".

I guess its time to praise the lord and pass the ammunition? They got us in a fix. No jobs, no opportunities, yet plenty crack cocaine, crystal meth and prisons. Is this the new PLAN-tation? Remember, the Declaration of Independence was not written to benefit Blacks, All Women (regardless of color) and White men who didn't own property. Seems like we're back in those days!

Thanks too lawmakers we now have more guns, which will lead to more murders. Be safe while in Chiraq...hold on to your strap!

written by: jim allen