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Pray for Bishop Herman Jackson


I've known Bishop Herman Jackson for over 20 years. I sincerely believe his spiritual rhetoric relative to Judge Sharon Johnson Colemon was and is completely taken out of context. Rather I support his prophetic comments concerning the Judge isn't the question, however, his comments was out of emotion and passion for his personal religious beliefs.

The Bishop Herman Jackson I know would NEVER threaten and/or beat a woman let along a Justice of the Peace. In addressing the trumped-up charges concerning his luxury cars I find it a bit trivial and silly. Who cares about Pastors' driving Bentleys or Caravans?! At the end of the day its nothing more than a vehicle.

"...I understand the Judge may have felt disrespected by Bishop Jackson's comments; nevertheless, to haul someone in court as if your life is in danger was disingenuous".

This is nothing more than a smear campaign violating Bishop Herman Jackson's Constitutional Rights of Freedom of Speech. I'm asking all my friends in ministry and those who are not to rally behind Bishop Herman Jackson. Please keep him in your prayers. Today its Bishop Herman Jackson, tomorrow its you!


written by: jim d. allen
UPDATED: 26 July 2013
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