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There's a group going by several different names claiming to be a loan company. This group is operated by two guys by the name of Michael and John of whom both sound to be Asian or Indian. They claim if you send them $400 they can loan you over $2,000

This is a scam! When you send them your money, they're NOT going to send you anything! Why would you send anyone money in order to receive money?! So basically the scam works by hardworking Americans buying prepaid gift cards and wiring money to Michael and/or John!

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not fall for this sick, evil, sadistic trick! These scammers have screwed hundreds of Americans out of THOUSANDS of dollars! The minute they find out you're not going to send them anymore money they begin to relentlessly call your job, home and cell phones threatening to kidnap and murder you.

I'm asking all to send this number 954-933-6496 to the FBI