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Does Obama HATE Rev. Jesse Jackson?

The question many have asked is why wasn't the Reverend Jesse L. Jackson Sr., (founder of the Rainbow Push Coalition) one of the speakers at the historic 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington celebration August 28, 2013?

The next question remains does President Barack Obama resent Reverend Jesse L. Jackson Sr., for statements he made during a time when many Black social leaders felt Obama was on a 'bashing tour' talking down to Black people, and about Black men in specific? Please click below link:

Or is it because Reverend Jesse L. Jackson Sr., (son) former Congressman Jesse L. Jackson Jr., supposedly wanted to illegally buy vacated Senator Barack Obama's Senate seat? Please click link:

Since President Obama's election we haven't seen the President and the Reverend in pictures, or even in the same room. Talk about Hip-Hop beef! How can two strong Black men expect new Black leadership to fight for causes such as Civil Rights and King's Dream when their example of unity among Black leadership is nonexistent?!

The President held a "Beer Summit" after his statements were viewed as racist and bias concerning the Caucasian police officer who arrested Henry Louis Gates as he tried entering HIS OWN HOME! Click below LINK:

"...Looks the President has problems forgiving Black folks.
Is the President a man who holds grudges?"

Hillary Clinton made statements about then Senator Obama, stating that his Pastor is a Black radical, she raised questions about Minister Farrakhan and Obama's relationship, and even publicly forced Obama into publicly denouncing Minister Farrakhan and Reverend Wright. Hillary Clinton threw everything she could at Senator Obama and when he became President he rewarded her by making her Secretary of State.

If the President can forgive Hillary Clinton, why cant he forgive Reverend Jesse L. Jackson, Sr?

written by: jim allen