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At any moment anyone or any organization can be indicted and placed under investigation. You can be the best citizen ever, all you have to due is spend $0.50 without documenting it and all of a sudden you're under investigation for fraud.

The police can follow you for blocks, then pull you over and say "you didn't make a complete stop at the stop sign! Here you go, nice fat ticket for ya'!". The Government doesn't care about the pressure you was under at work which caused you to lose your job, all they care about is you haven't paid child support, give us your license, and in fact we're also going to place your face on governmental websites as someone who is behind in child support payments.

This is one reason many organizations do not want 501(c)3 status, because as soon as one minor thing goes wrong the Government is barging in to haul you off to jail. Its really sad. I thought the law was for criminals, seems to me the law is now used to make criminals. There are so many laws I'm sure we break laws each day without even knowing.

Did you know its against to law to drive through an alley trying to get home? Its called using the alley as a thruway. You should of waited in traffic instead of used the alley as a shortcut to your house, children's school, etc., here you go, nice fat ticket for ya'!

They claim we have FREEDOM of SPEECH, but as soon as we make statements or march peaceably thwarts the Government for a redress of grievances we're all of a sudden placed under investigation as a hate group, or some radical sect against the Government. And then there's the good of rope-a-dope tax evasion indictment.

Anytime the Government wants to destroy a person or an organization they do it through TAX EVASION. If you really look at it any American can be indicted for TAX EVASION. For instance, if your employer has a lazy HR department who throws you papers saying "here, fill these papers out so taxes can come out your check. I need these papers by today!" You're sitting there thinking "how the heck do I fill this out, how many dependents do I add, line 3 isn't adding up to line 8? Oh well, as long as I have a job I guess things will work themselves out?"

Guess what? If you fill those papers out wrong you could be indicted for TAX EVASION. Also, you could hurt your tax return if you fill those papers out wrongly. These are things Government doesn't consider when they come with their conspiracies and indictments. Its really heartbreaking to say the least.

I can go on and on...but let me stop before I piss Government off and be placed under indictment and federal investigation for using my rights of FREEDOM of SPEECH! God help us!