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IL Gangster: Governor Pat Quinn

Governor Pat Quinn remains vigilant in halting the salaries of legislators because of their failure to find a solution to the States $100 billion pension crisis. Quinn cut $13.8 million of lawmakers' paychecks in the State budget through his veto power.

Basically because Illinois legislators fail to do what Governor Quinn asked he cut their paychecks. According to sources starting August 1st legislators will not be receiving paychecks. Where was this type of gusto when all-day kindergarten was cut? Where was this level of gusto when various medical benefits for the poor was cut?

(left to right) Jim Allen, Governor Quinn, Gator Bradley
in happier days...

Meanwhile, in Chicago the City Council approved $500 million renovation plan for Wrigley Field as over 2000 Chicago Public School teachers and staff have been let go, over 54 school programs and 61 buildings have been closed due to budget cuts and supposed educational failures. Its funny, they closed schools for poor children yet they approved $500 million for a ballpark.

"...In Chicago 459,210 people are out of work. In Illinois 600,655 people are out of work."

The larger question is where did the money come from to fund $500 million for Wrigley Field, did some of it come from Tax Increment Financing? Wonder if Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel refused to pay members of the Chicago City Council because they couldn't find ways to make Chicago a safer City?

At the end of the day none of these politicians care about the poor or middle class. This is big business, this is political jocking. Governor Quinn's move is purely political. He knows Bill Daley has a damn good chance of beating him so he's using this ploy to make himself look hawkish.

Dear Governor,

written by: jim d. allen