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Pullman Porters MEET Hip Hop

Do you know the significance of a wonderful group of African American men on Chicago's South Side called the Pullman Porters? Just as Lee Daniels' The Butler, these great men also served in times of segregation and Jim Crow.

The Pullman Porters served American railroads for 100 years from the late 1860's until the late 1960's. These great Black men overcame racism and various Jim Crow stereotypes as they showed class and black excellence at its best.

Even the late, great Jackie Gleason respected the Pullman Porters and would tip them $100 each which was a lot of money back then.... Fast forward to NOW and there's a great shining star on the South Side of Chicago bringing the life and works of the Pullman Porters to the 21st Century.

Mr. David A. Peterson, Jr., is a social media guru with deep ties to several outstanding organizations and foundations in Chicago and Nationwide. He's also Owner and Co-Founder of Museum 44 "Where Hip-Hop Meets History".

In support of the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom we're asking all that could to support the below events. Also, please be sure to follow Mr. David A. Peterson, Jr., as he continues to give us relevant history for the 21st Century! Many thanks and God bless.

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